windows volume Settings

My windows mixer (volume control) keeps muting inputs while recording…i have to keep going back to it and unmuting them to be able to hear what im playing through my speakers, anyone know why this is?

i have a Audigy 2 Platinum Pro soundcard and also have a Creative mixer that comes with it…so im guessing that maybe theres some conflicts between the two.

the windows one seems to override my soundcard settings…



A friend of mine is reporting the same conflicts and neither Microsoft nor Creative want to admit it’s their baby. He is running XP Pro and had to use “Compatability” mode and run it as W98SE to get it to work right. What OS are you using.

You should read the ration of blarny that MS and Creative tech support sent him.


Thanks Don, im glad it’s not just something weird that’s happening to me…
Im using XP Pro.
The way i look at it, it has to be Creative’s problem, the windows mixer doesnt just change itself.

From what you said, i guess its not really worth contacting Creative tech support either.

Maaszy over at audiominds has the same card, it’d be interesting to see if he has the same problem and what OS he’s using.

Thanks again,


I presume you mean muting outputs so you can monitor what’s coming thru your inputs. guess what - I have the same problem, though it has never bothered me enough to sort it out. I too have to open/keep open creative mixer and uncheck the red crosses quite regularly to hear my monitored sound. I never go into the windows mixer tho, only creative mixer. I’m running ME BTW.


I have an NX, (using XP) and I have never had this problem. wierd.

to add to my last post - when I start n-track it always mutes the outputs and I have to unmute them. Once unmuted they stay unmuted until I exit n. Next time I start n, they get muted. My guess is its something in the start up sequence doing the muting - or it is on my rig. As I say, its never really bothered me.


Check out the KXProject for an alternative that will most likely eliminate this issue.


I’d be curious to know what happens when you try running it in 98SE compatibility mode. My friend seemed to solve his issues doing that.

Sounds like you got a new DAW, Jow. What did you decide to get? Just curious. ???

And how is the song progressing?

Don :D

Maaszy, for me, i have input1 unmuted so i can hear it through my speakers as im playing, i then hit record, and by the time i start playing again, it’s already muted itself.
That doesnt happen every time though, i just have to do a couple of re-takes.
Also, for me it isnt the Creative mixer that changes…i’m forced to use the windows mixer because that is the one that gets muted. weird.

Don - made a mistake earlier, im actually running XP Home…I have got a new DAW though, well, not really new, but still new enough to be having teething problems.
I got a P4 3ghz, 1gb RAM, Asus P4C800 Deluxe mobo, Audigy2 Platinum Pro…n-Track and Fruity Loops…

The song was going great, Edmon and Jerm had done a good job, then i tried to record some vocals after moving my DAW into the house from the garage (leaks), and for some reason i couldnt record decent vocals anymore, im getting alot of noise. Ive decided to invest in a pre amp (i posted earlier on audiominds about that) to see if thatll sort things out. even if it doesnt, i need a new pre amp anyway.
Hopefully, if all works, i can do some new vocals for the song.
That is if Ed and Jerm havent forgotten all about it, sorry guys!

Does running it in 98SE compatibility mode work with XP Home?


BTW - thanks for the link to that Post It Notepad thing :)


It looks like XP Home has a Compatability Wizard too. Here’s how to access it:

To start the Program Compatibility Wizard, click Start, click Help and Support, click Find compatible hardware and software for Windows XP, and then, under See Also in the navigation pane, click Program Compatibility Wizard.”

- Extract from XP Help files



PS: It sounds as though you have a serious DAW there, Jow. Great! I look forward to hearing your new vox when you get these snags ironed out. Your very welcome for the link to the Post-It Notes applet. Since downloading it I use it every day and find it indispensible. Very handy.

Hi Jow

sounds like you have something different going on to me, if your mixer mutes with n open. On my system if I open up both windows mixer and creative mixer, muting/unmuting in one just shows up in the other and vv.


Hey Jow,
just checkin’ in with you,
I lost my ISP so going on the net is not happenin’ right now.
I was curious to see if you ever did anything witht the drum and bass tracks I posted at CC. for your song.
BTW, haven’t seen edmon, since the crash over here either…
Anyway good to see your Daws comin’ along hope to hear what else you got goin’ on when I get back on line…