Windy Hill Farm

A new song/video…

Here’s my latest project -

I wrote this song sometime back in the late 70’s and had a recording of it which I never thought was desiring of the song.
I finally got around to re-recording it recently.
I am playing all the instruments with the exception of the drums which are from the Joe Vitale collection.

The images are from Maine and New England.

I call this song my “Jackson Browne” song because the music was heavily influenced by JB’s recordings of that time period.

Where the hell have you been?

Hi Mr Soul:

Good stuff…
Those are nice images to go with the nice mix on you tracks…


Bubba - I got laid off last March and I was in a funky mood for a while (plus things had been quite stressful where I worked prior to getting laid off). However, I did find employment in May (thank you know who), and I also committed to teaching a JavaScript class so I was really busy all summer. I didn’t do much music during that period except playing with a classic rock band that has been going through a lot of turmoil.

So I just recently got back into recording again.

Nice to hear from you all though.

Mr Soul, this was EXCELLENT :)


Always good Mike.

that was a real joy to listen to right from start to finish, a lovely laid back song witha real laid back production to it. the photos are beautiful did you take them or are they stock images?


Proper good.

Hi all - thank you for the feedback!

The production was indeed meant to be laid back, as is the song.
After I posted it, I started getting critical of the mix, as I often do after I mix something.
Ever happen to you?

I can only take credit for one of the pics - the sunset picture over the lake.
The “surreal” looking water pic & the water/moon pic are from a friend of mine.
The rest of pic’s I got on the net - some “stock” and some from individuals who posted pic’s of Maine.

Yes, very very nice… Things just lay really nicely. To super nit pick, the only thing I can really say might need some love is the cymbal crash at 1:50. Tweak it back a bit and it will be perfect.

Heh, you know who, eh? I don’t get the complaints as we have been going gang busters over here based on his policies.

No - please nit pick all you want.

I had thought that the acoustic needed to be raised up a little bit, as well as the mandolin during the solo. Perhaps even the drums should come up, minus the cymbal of course.

YouTube processes the original .avi file, which has uncompressed audio, and I’ve noticed that YT seems to compress the audio so it doesn’t sound as good (even though you can watch the video in higher resolution). I really wish YT would leave the audio at a really high bit-rate (or whatever they do to it).

As it is now, things are great… so it comes down to taste and your point. Do you want the mando front and center or sort of peaking out? Either way it works IMO. I am really liking the tone on the e-guitar hard right.

Thanks Bubba! It’s nice to get some affirmation on the mix - that’s the thing I am least confident in (believe it or not).


I am really liking the tone on the e-guitar hard right

And guess what amp I used to record that (see my other recent thread with Bill) and how I recorded it? That tone is from my Fender BF VR but I actually recorded it direct off my Weber Mini-Mass, so it’s getting the sound of the amp w/o any speaker involvement. I was amazed at how good it sounded myself, so I just kept the track. I usually lay down practice tracks this way and then later, re-record it w/ mic’s through the speaker.

Very nice! Love the song… love the images… You could teach these wankers around here a thang or two… :agree:

UJ - wanker

Thank you all very much for the feedback - I really appreciate it!

I’ve got a link to just the audio Windy Hill Farm - Audio.
I brought the mandolin, acoustic and harmony vocals up a bit, plus tried to put a little more punch on the drums (and brought down the crash as well).

Hi Mr Soul:
The changes in the mix are nice for that song… Do you think that Youtube conditions their audio before making your files available to the public?


Like this a lot Mike - the mando is right on. Love clean simply done stuff.
My only comment would be adding a bit of ‘space’ in the stereo spread. On second listen not so sure it needs it though. Might change the whole feel. Nice stuff.

:) :p