WINTER -- A new song...

Finished this instrumental piece this morning

Danny Milligan - Winter

I get a corrupt file when I download. My fault?

I am getting it fine.

Nice moody jam. Maybe pick up up or slam in the drums a bit more when the heavier guitar comes in.
Otherwise, nice, I’m about to launch into a winter here myself, and I get the mood.

Tom, I believe there’s issues with my website provider, because many of the files seem to cut off at a partial load… I intend to get in contact with them monday and rip someone a new one…


Thank you, Ping :)

Hi dannyraymilligan:

Your site allowed me to download this song and it plays the complete file… Sometimes the file doesn’t play completely…However, it always defaults to my GoldWave Editor… If I choose to download the file I load it to my desktop and then it will default/play in Windows Media Player…
This file will play all the way to the end…
when an earlier file would not play all-and-stop…????

The technical capture is great, in all respects… as usual


Bill, my website goes thru periods when it will stop sending the file right in the middle of the transfer, for hours at a time. I plan to get on their butts about that tomorrow.

They’d be quite happy to fix that for you…
Just pay them about 50.00 a month more than you’re paying now…

When I was on the dial-up here it cost me 100.00 a year for the service…
BUT it used to take me a good day to download an new build from Flavio whenever, he posted a new build…
It used to come in here at close to 350 HZ per second… on-the-average…

I still can’t get more than the first 30 seconds or so, but my wife said immediately, "That’s nice! Who did that?’ which she never says about my stuff. :agree:

Broken here too but the fragment sounds good.

Friends, I’m sorry about the webserver sending incomplete file transfers. I just submitted a ticket to them, subtly noting that I shouldn’t have to go back to Yahoo and pay twice as much to get the service that Hosting24 promised me.

Let’s see if that gets some results.


You post so many songs Danny I barely have time to listen and comment on them.

THis one is sweet.

I don’t know if this was one of the ones on your collab list or not but for what it is worth I tootled around with the bass.


it was kinda hard to work with an already mastered file…but…this one was fun none the less.

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

That bass just totally floored me, Jerm!!! There was something funky about it, and it accentuated the moodiness of the song.

I LIKE IT! :laugh:

When are you going to start posting some of these in the collab site so we can have at them?

keep shinin

jerm :cool: