Wish Me Luck!

High anxiety.

Wish me luck people, playing my first live gig in 4 years tomorrow night. Already getting nervous, don’t know why I agreed to do this. If I only had a brain!


I’m getting to old for this sh%t!

Go get 'em Yaz! Playing live is a rush. Enjoy it!


Don’t think you’ll need luck Yaz. As soon as the gig starts the adrenalin will flow,
Enjoy it mate!



Go for it Yaz!

I had a 20 year gap and was nervous as hell but “the buzz” was worth it :O

Let us know how you got on.


Never too old!

Break a leg!

so im sittin here wonderin,is this a new group,has he had plenty of time to learn the steps,has he lost a tooth or so since the last gig,all these factors could weigh in on our hero’s outcome,ive gone a month or so without gigin,but 4 years might seperate ya from the crowd,ya mite not even know anyone,sometimes i go to gigs now and im the oldest guy in the joint,speakin of joints,maybe ya should abstain…

maybe till like the 3rd set? :O

Thanks everyone! Will update how it goes tonight.

Wozz ol’ man, doing this gig as ‘Stone Cold Yaz’, no chems,weed, or alcohol.

Yaz :cool:

Milli Vanilli


I should of done Milli Vanilli, bummer night. My amp went on some kind of cosmic journey. Vox VTX, wah pedal kept kicking in (ghost in the machine?), the volume would cut out about 15db all thru the night. Don’t know what’s up with it, maybe something with moving it. My vocals went with out a hitch all night, so that was a +.

Ain’t doing any more live gigs, studio recluse from now on (believe I said that last time)

Scale of 1 to 10, I give the band a 7, me, I give a 2. With the amp frustrations my playing sounded like crapola! Oh well.

Bummed out Yaz

Cosmic Journey {would make a cool band name!},Nothing wrong with a little xtra!!!wah, Hey how about a little delayed rotary thrown in there thru out the night! I could only dream of being onstage shredding all night! digthis :peace:

Bummer Yaz, I’m sure it wasn’t that bad though. Always carry a little practice amp you can use in a pinch and a direct box so you can go from your pedals straight to the board if needs be. Ain’t nothing more frustrating than equipment troubles. You just gotta be prepared.



Yaz, you gotta think positive I bet there were people in the audience who thought "Wow, how did he do that?"
Tell 'em it was just your Yazzalyser pedal. :)


Someone there had a camera…

We need photos Yaz…


If we had a photo of that “AMP”… I think we could fiz it…

Ahhh…you rocked and you know it… ???

Wish we were all there.

Well I know to have a spare everything when playing a gig, but at my age and my back hauling extra equipment just ain’t gonna happen. But it’s ok, just a gig playing cover tunes, it’s over and I’m back safe and sound in my little studio (my security blanket) where I think I’m gonna stay from now on. My wife said I wasn’t as bad as I thought, but she ain’t a geetar player!

The Yazzalyser Pedal,ROFL. Too funny.

Highlight of the night, I pulled off the vocals to “Plush” and “Shine”.

Yaz the studio recluse!

Yeah, I want a Yazzalyser! What’s it look like? Does it have a funkification knob?

The Yazzalyser Pedal, new and improved from “You Broke It You Fix It Inc”. Sleek new design with flat black painted rough saw board nailed with 16p nail square box. One large foot selector switch for on/on operation. You can never turn this fun pedal off! Plug your favorite axe in, hours of funtastic playing thru any amp. The Yazzalyser takes any excellant played guitar riff and instantly turns into CRAP! Get yours today!

Only $29.95 down and $5.00 monthly for as long as you live! Don’t delay, order yours today! Operators standing by!

Yaz does not endorse this product, nor accept any responsibilty for stepping on any nails protruding from the box. A handling fee of $1,000,000.00 U.S. will be charged on all returned units!

Next time
hire beautiful girl to work your pedals


“on/on” - that killed me. :laugh: