Ever since I bought nTrack there has been an update virtually every week day. That drove me nuts for a while but now there has been no update for the last month.

Is the program finished or…could there be a version update in the near future?

With the last build I was noticing some heavy CPU usage with the n para eq but I need to look into that in more depth in the next week or so with a mixing project I have coming up. I hope it’s not n and it’s something easy to fix.


I really got addicted to the updates. Find a bug? No problem! Flavio comes out with a fix in a few days. Wishing for a drum kit? It shows up almost unannounced. And suddenly daHornet shows up too. There are very few software companies that provide this kind of support and generosity. More power to the Antonioli business model! Long may it prosper!


You should have been around for the wait between v3.3 and 4.

That was almost a year.

No updates, not a word from Flavio…

I had a mind image of Flavio sitting behind his desk in a dark lab somewhere, hair untidy with a mad grin on his face. Lihgtning crackling outside. And then finally (upon standing back and hitting ‘compile’ for that last time) crying out ‘Give my creation life !!!’.

And then there was v4.

Ok I got carried away there.


Yeah, I get the strange feeling he’s hammering out version 5 beta. Hmmmm… ???


It was never a problem for me - I’m still using 3.3 and don’t see any reason to upgrade :laugh:

Quote (Mr Soul @ June 15 2006,12:44)
It was never a problem for me - I'm still using 3.3 and don't see any reason to upgrade :laugh:

This is one thing that you and I completely agree on. I tried loading one upgrade, had problems and never bothered again and am happy using 3.3.

We could agree on a lot if you weren’t such a biased right-wing ideologue :laugh:

I just got 4.2.1 the other day and it seems rock-solid, for my uses (no MIDI). I hadn’t upgraded for over a year prior to that. I used to have problems with occasional skips in recorded tracks but this has gone away with the new cut. CPU usage seems much better too. The new mixer options are great also. I recommend trying it out.

Quote (Scantee @ June 15 2006,00:41)
Yeah, I get the strange feeling he’s hammering out version 5 beta. Hmmmm… ???


Told ya… :p

(Ok, ok, not sure about the “beta” part yet…)