Wither plug? WITHER PLUG?


If you are Poppa W you need to insert the Wither plug not Dither, it's the plug for old fellas!

I found this little gem hidden in another topic. Seriously, a wither plug?

Post a link!!

Zay is a drut.

Nothing new there Poppa. I’ve done a few songs that start out with a bang but then kinda fizzle… I went back and checked and I had accidentally inserted a wither plugin on the master. DOH!


Well it’s a plug in God uses, don’t believe me, look in da mirror, see dem crows feet? See dem wrinkles, See dem lines . . .

God’s digital domain, “The Wither Plug”

dneirF a yllautca si zaY
Some say it’s true! :)

It’s twue, it’s twue!