WMP playing 32bit float 96khz on SBLive?!


Ok I did this out of whimsy. I had just mixed down a file to 32bit float 96khz and then clicked the mixedown .wav file and Windows Media Player played it through my 16bit 48khz Dell SB Live! card. What the ####!? So then I made a 24bit 96khz mixdown and tried that. As expect, WMP only played static and crap. Then I mixed down a 16bit 96khz and it played that just fine as well!

What is going on?

I thought maybe NTrackS wasnt mixing down to how I set it, but I right clicked on each file and went to properties and it does say the bit depth and sample rates are correct.

I think that WMP and (I know for a fact) Winamp can play 32-bit files by truncating to 16 bit - so the output is 16 bit, it just drops the 16 least significant bits. I don’t know but i’d guess that it downsamples on the fly to play @ 48K (basically playing every other sample).


Ah ok, I thought maybe that was happening… but still weird how it don’t do it with 24 bit 96khz