Woahh - Kerry's ahead again!!!

Electoral Vote.

Let’s hope people come to their senses about this Iraq war & realized that we were misled about the reasons going to war & that we are being misled once again about the status of the war. If a Democrat had done the sh*t Bush did, they’d be calling it treason.

There go the flip-flops again. :)

Never under estimate the power of Regis and Kelly. Seriously, I think that helped. Everyone is sick of candidates giving canned boring speeches. Seeing a more human side is very appealing. If you saw Kerry on Letterman, he had his canned parts, but it was much more relaxed and less stiff than all those boring stump speeches. For Bush, I am afraid his handlers won’t let him do these sort of appearances.

Kerry can be a very relaxed guy. And you know that wind-surfing he does - that’s just plain dispicable :p

Kerry’s a skier/snowboarder. That gets him my vote immediately!

The 5 major polls still have bush ahead.
That linked site shows there are 16!@!! Tied states.
Plus they already gave Florida to Kerry–its the kiss of death!!

Thats not a lead for anyone.
Polls page


I would agree. Much to close to call at this point. The debates are another wild card in this. How about this, we all go out and vote on November 2 and wake up on the 3rd and read the paper. That will probably be much more accurate. :D

Your link doesn’t work.

If Kerry got FL that would be very cool!


Thanks. It still means the election is Kerry’s to lose.

Quote (pastorbrian @ Sep. 22 2004,13:03)
That linked site shows there are 16!@!! Tied states.

Hey Brian, it's actually only two states! (Maryland + Arkansas = sixteen electoral votes!)

Let me explain. The USA is comprised of fifty states and...

I'm just kidding! :p


there are several close states…not 16!


If Kerry got FL that would be very cool!

Mike, for once, I agree with you one hundred percent!

FL is without a doubt, a real kick-arse programme!

Clinton with his sax was OK, US Grant with his jug band was quite entertaining in the right situation, but John Kerry with Fruity Loops would be a sensation! :D


There Kerry goes again!
First hes behind…
Then hes ahead…
A “flip-flopper” for sure! :laugh: :laugh: