woman falls into fountain

woman on cell phone falls into fountain

sends ripples around the cyberworld


Yeah? I dontcare too…


As much as I’d like to…I simply don’t care.


well i smiled… but i might not have understood it proprly

guess you’d have to see the video…

The OP is a satire on the sensationalism of the Utube generation…eh forget it. :laugh:

if it takes that much to explain it probably isn’t viable humor.

Unkown1 would care if she was holding his triamp in her hands…splash. :whistle:


Vague and cryptic are not rational people’s strong suits.




is that brian enos new album?

Quote: (bright lights tonight @ Jan. 20 2011, 6:03 PM)

is that brian enos new album?

Yeah! It becomes more interesting towards the end;-)