Wont record Soundcard..

Please help me out.

Hello. My current setup, has all my audio going through my headset, including my voice, and my music in the background.

I would like it to be able to record my voice, as well as my audio, and record the audio ( music ) directly off of my sound card, going by my sound card mixer settings, and my iTunes volume.

Can anyone help me out? In preferences, I have the audio settings to both my sound card, and Logitech headset…


Hiya Landes and welcome to the Forum.
I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “all my audio going through my headset” but I get the impression you want to play some music from your pc and record it and your voice at the same time.
Firstly, your soundcard has TWO separate mixers. One for playback and one for record. These are nothing to do with N-Track and N-Track can not configure them.
You can access them from N-Track, provided you have set up the correct path, but it’s probably easier to open them via the usual shortcut.
Select the RECORD mixer and then select what sources you wish to record from (line in, mic, wav, etc.)
depending upon your soundcard, you may find that you can only record from ONE source at a time. This is not a problem. Simply record your music first and then play that back in N-Track whilst recording your voice (not forgetting to select the correct source in your soundcard record mixer first)
If you have a look at the N-Track manual, it explains it better than I have here.
Finally, when you have finished your masterpiece and are ready to unleash it on the world, post it here so we can all have a listen.
In future Landes, you may have better luck posting technical queries like this in the N-Track Studio Discussion Forum. This forum is where users post music for critique.

Hope this helps.

Good luck.