work in progress

“Givin’ In”

did this from idea to finished rough in an hour… fun.

Country hip hop "Givin’ In"

Need to write on it tomorrow and should be somethin’ dif for me.

Thanks to Don and Yaz for the inspiration!

I ain’t listenin’… you have the “h” word in there. Sorry… :laugh:


Okay… so I LIED! Sue me…

I didn’t hear the first “hip-hip” (spa-tooey!) thing. What’s with the “h” word?

Remember; Friends don’t let friends do hip-hop. (spa-tooey!) I sincerely hope we don’t have to arrange an “intervention” here… Lessee… where’d I put that baseball bat…


lol - that’s just the drum feel I started with D - ya old geezer!

Listen now - I had a mono mix up before…

Pretty darn good for an hours work. Odd thing though, my mp3 player tells me it lasts 1:29, then proceeds to play for 2:58. ???

Oh don’t sweat it Poppa. I dig the tune. You just lost me on the “hip-hop” (spa-tooey!) reference. If’n yer a talkin’ about that back-beat shuffle kind of feel… ain’t nuttin’ hippety hoppity ‘bout that… (spa-tooey!) The “h” crowd dun stealed that a looooonnnngggg time ago.

Keep it up. Just remember though; SINGIN’!! DAD BLAST IT! NO TALKIN’!! “Jive” or otherwise…

D - geezer (and D@$N proud of it!)

You might have been ahead of my upload Kevin.
You’re gonna like the lyric I think, sneeze.
It’s about giving in…

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Mar. 23 2009, 9:29 PM)

It's about giving in....

As long as it ain't about giving in to "hip-hop" (spa-tooey!) :laugh:

THAT my friend, AIN'T happnin'...

I'm going to bed... the stress is killin' me... First it's all the mayhem at work... now it's Poppa Willis (my hero) talkin' about slippin' over to the dark side... It's just more'n I can stand... :D


Man, I had no idea you’d take my yearning to grow so hard bubba. I’ll never mention h (spa-tooey) again!
Unless I find myself in need of another belly laugh. :laugh:

nice 'un, pw. i like the harp and psg in it. good, solid beat. can’t wait to hear your lyrics. :D

Thanks Don - I was tinkerin’ with the new stuff in #39 and it crawled right out of the box. I hope I can pull this one off - not an easy idea to write but I’ll give it a shot.

You know what they say, "Where there’s a Willis…"

Which reminds me - cousin Bruce got married and I never got an invite! The loser!

I can hear the creative mind working from here…
Get that old can of 3-and-1 Oil out…
New stuff may slow the thing down…
They put too many addiditives in that lubricant you buy today…

Where all that smoke commin from …


I like the feel of this. I can dance to it . . . <<< see! :agree:

I can really groove to this! :laugh:

I already have a lyric imbedded in my mind, bout “giving in” to Oreo’s, and dunlop, not seeing yer toes in years, and and . . . nevermind. (Stoopid Diet!)

Woah Poppa.

This could turn into a classic. It’s got everything in there, and a GREAT groove. LOVE the harmonica, piano, the slide, the chord pattern, the drums everything. It all fits perfectly.

Can’t wait to hear the finished thing.

Brilliant Poppa…so laid back. Your music’s so easy to write to. You’re a lyricists dream cos the feel is already there in the music. Love to hear where you go with this! :agree: :agree:

Thanks guys - gonna be working on this all day I think - Found a missing bar now I need to rethink my lyric or redo the track - great thing about my tools is it’s easy to redo. Love my tools now that I’m learning how to use 'em.

Reminds me of an old chainsaw I use to throw through the timber as a kid. Oh so that’s what that little file is for!

Bring it! You ol’ hippety-hoppity rascal you… :p


PS Chainsaw? Oooohhh… too many bad memories there. We’d be out working and mom would come around with a glass of ice tea. My hands would be shaking so bad I’d spill half of it. See, I was the youngest son and I always got stuck with the lousiest saw. Just idling that sucker would dance around like a Mexican Jumpin’ Bean on a hot plate. Rev it up… BBBZZBBZZZZBZZZZZBZZZZZ… make your fillings turn loose and fall out. Don’t miss that crap a bit.

:) I'm sure he's singin about colorado. I would have to rate that about perfect! Nice

I spent the day tweeking this - raised the key up a notch and got the verse measures right and added a bridge section and wrote half the lyric. I may need professional help on the lyric though. Not sure I can write as good as need be on this. I’ll explain later… very unusual idea. Don’t think it’s been written before. Anyway here’s the revised track.