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i need some tips on manageing wave files

ok thanks in advance for your help, im new so plz bear with me. i need some tips on managing wave files. ive gotten my first try recorded and packed. why do i have 20 different wave files i need to know about the programs auto save,
why does the program promt me to save everytime i open a song file. ?
i want to save the good part of the wavefile and scrap the rest how do i do this?
also if this program stands idle for more than 5 minutes it locks up my computer twice ive had to cut power to reboot any help for this.
im learning how to manilipulate with cut and paste. can measures be cut in the center?
ok too many questions already again thanks

every track records to a new and separate wave file. I wouldn’t be in too much of a hurry to delete stuff - never know when you need it. Just mute/silence the bits you don’t need in the mixdown.

No idea why you lock up after 5 mins - perhaps try disabling the screensaver. n-track is quite resource hungry. Perhaps the SS is tipping your PC over the edge?

The splice tool will chop out sections of any wave file. Use crtl and left click/drag to move sectiosn about.


Jake, I’m not sure i follow some of the questions you’re asking. Here’s my 2 cents regardless. First off, it’s a good idea to create a folder for your song before you begin laying down tracks of any kind, that way, all files associated with that song are readily accessable within the folder. Once you’ve mixed down a song to a single stereo wav. file and you’re happy with it, it’s up to you what you wan’t to do with all the other wav. files involved with the song. You may decide to remix the song, etc…I normally move the mixed down wav file to a separate folder and dump the song’s folder and all its files in the recycle bin and move on to the next project. Why n-track would ask you to save a project when you open a new song file might be because you’ve got an existing song or wav file opened already. The auto-save feature is located under File>Settings>Preferences>Appearance. where you can check the box and select how often you want the song saved. Keep experimenting with the program and good luck. ~ Jack

Some stuff I learned the hard way:

Autsave is your friend when you are starting out, you can go in at the end of a session and delete all of the saves without worry. Ntrack saves a ‘.sng’ file which is nothing more than a reference to your song’s .wav files. If you delete a .wav file from a tune, then open a .sng (saved) file, you will get an error refering to the missing .wav…

SAVE the song’s main .wav files! Guit, bass, keys, drums, click, whatever. You may go back in a year and want to remix…no can do without these files! I have caused myself TONS of grief by overzealous deleting…

Save 1 mixdown that you like in a seperate folder as Jack said.
Better yet get a cdrw and get the mix and bed tracks burned to it. Double check it before deleting anything from your HD…

I have screwed up just about anything you can screw up when it comes to saving files…I have found that having folders, naming tracks (I had 546 “new song” files, Sheesh!) and generally having all your ducks in a row BEFORE hitting the record button makes life much easier later on. You can delete mixdowns, ‘saved’ sng files, and ‘backup’ files all day long with no harm. Deleting wav files is permanent though. sorry bout the long-winded post, HTH!

As they say: "Measure twice, cut once"




i want to save the good part of the wavefile and scrap the rest how do i do this?

That's simple. Just *use* the good part of the wave file. For example, let's say you did a killer vocal on just the first chorus of the song, but you don't want to use any more of that vocal track. Go to the start of the track and put your cursor over the little box on the wave image and you'll see the cursor turn into a left/right arrow. Drag the cursor to the start of the chorus. Then do the same thing to the end....drag the end of the song to the end of the chorus. Bingo! N-tracks will only play that part of the file.

Plus, it's non-destructive that way, so if you decide later that maybe perhaps kinda you want to use the second verse in *that* take, you can just drag the box over to the end of the second verse.

Hope this helps some. Welcome to the world of n.


ok fellas thanks a bunch i find out if i manually format the tracs instead of letting the program do it for me (create a folder) i can manage them much better! and it was the screensaver that was crashing me i said 5 min but it was actually 10mins idle b4 screensaver activated and disentegrated n trac i fixed by lengthing idle time
time to jam

Turn off your screeensaver alltogether.

How I do it:
Make a folder (named after the song, say “Willy’s Pornographic Ditty”)
Open ntrack, and save a blank .sng in that folder. From then on, every .wav related to that .sng will go into that folder only.


I highly recommend a program called EnditAll. Goggle it up and check it out. It allows you to turn off everything on your computer—well, almost everything—while recording. It is wonderful. No more crashes.