Working on a demo CD

Playing on the laptop doesn’t sound nearly as good as a real stereo.
Or headphones!
I’m working on audio files captured at practice for our demo/press kit
and thought I’d throw them out there for comment:

Listening to the file on the laptop, we’ve got some woodshedding to do…

Sounds good on this laptop. Guitar sound is great. tell us about how you recorded it, etc. :agree:

Captured tracks at practice on a laptop. Audio interface is a Tascam US-1641, I LOVE that thing!
The audio interface is hooked up to mixer and outboard rack, so when everything is in the mix it’s automatically setup to capture tracks. Drums are a Roland electronic kit, I told the drummer we have GOT to work on the kit! Guitar is direct, I use a rack-mounted J-Station and my rack is all pre-wired so that my guitars, keys and vocals all have feeds out to the board. Keyboard player is playing a Triton Extreme and he’s got the sound pretty well nailed, I must say.

Well, it’s a great sounding demo and certainly should get you some gigs. :agree:

Yup :agree:
How did you get that ‘stabby’ sequenced effect under the guitars? Nice.

A few things:

* The compression is out of control. Very pumpy.
The effects are over done on the vocals. They sound very swirly and “mushy” on consonants.
Bass is missing

Actually, the whole mix is mushy and swirls. I can’t find a good center. Do you have a slap back echo on everything perchance? Very confusing to the ear as I can’t localize things in the mix. They hop all over the place.

My 2 cents.

Appreciate all the comments. Busy at the moment, my Dad passed away over the weekend.
Not being inattentive, just really busy.
Slapback is only on lead guitar, and a bit on main vox.
I need to work on the compression definitely, not happy with it.
I want to go back when I am able and raise a new mix up from scratch,my monitors are okay but I find that I need to take a mix to the stereo,car, etc to double check - I need to work on my monitor setup.

Kr - very sorry to hear that about your father.

:agree: Sorry KR.

Thanks for the thoughts - it’s been a difficult week. Once I can get back into a frame of mind, I’ll review comments more fully. Got some legal stuff to go and do tomorrow, UGH.
Bubba, if you’re still reading, I’d welcome some tips/suggestions. Not that concerned about this particular deal, since it’s “just” a demo, but anything that will help me improve my mixing abilities is a good thing.

Heh - here’s my tip for improving mixes - send 'em all to Bubba to do. :agree:

:agree: Some say, he has gold sputtered eardrums.

Only 1 micron thick! talk about transient response! :)

Naw, that’s ear wax.

To improve your abilities I would say first off start with good tracks. Can’t mix bad tracks (at least not easily). Forget effects beyond EQ and compression initially. Also, avoid all the gimmick effects like kaboomifiers and ardfart enhancers and fecal wideners and all that. That crap isn’t on an SSL or Neve console, so you surely don’t need it either. (Sound crusty enough for ya?) Start in mono and get stuff working the best it can. Mono will never have the “wow” factor of stereo, but you can tell really quickly if the vocals are sitting with the bass and whatever. Then, switch to stereo and add the sizzle. If it don’t work in mono, it sure as hell ain’t gonna work in stereo.

I was using a berhinger knockoff of the fecal widener - the Auto Maxicrap Pro II P.

Cheers, Bubba. Solid stuff.

Quote: (Bubbagump @ Mar. 08 2010, 2:31 PM)

Mono will never have the "wow" factor of stereo, but you can tell really quickly if the vocals are sitting with the bass and whatever. Then, switch to stereo and add the sizzle. If it don't work in mono, it sure as hell ain't gonna work in stereo.

I am very happy as my point was made last night. One of our tunes is being used as the closing credits for a documentary series, and guess what, the mix stands up just fine on TV in mono. Makes a guy happy.

What was the show?