Worst April Fools joke...

…played on YOU?

My kids put salt and ppper in my hair while I ate breakfast…they I discovered that they had replaced my T-Gel shampoo with molasses.

What a MESS to get out. :)

How about y’all?

I expect a pic on your web site :D

Man, I think some serious retribution should be in order! Show ‘em who’s da’ man phoo!


I spose you all seen the story thats jest been on the TV and everyone is screamin and hollerin about it and that catholic priest is crying his eyes out about it. But I think doctors and nurses got the funniest sense of humor. When Terry Shiavios folks went in to see her today for the last time before her husbadn takes her body, it seems that one o f the nurses or someone had put the feeding tube back in.

That story isn’t true is it?

If so, there’s been nothing about it over here, and the media have been following the whole story closely.

But, I’m ashamed to say, as sick as that post was, I laughed. :(

Perhaps laughter is the only way to deal with tragedy, especially a tragedy over which one has no control.

Or perhaps I’m just sick. :(