Would You Like To Play The Guitar?

You Tube Great Parody!

I can’t believe no one commented on this - you slackers!

HA-HA! It’s an awesome video and I did mean to comment on it the other night. However, I wandered off into YouTube land watching Doyle Dykes, Tommy Emmanuel, Jerry Reed, Chet Atkins etc… videos and forgot the original ‘thread’ that led me down that path.

YouTube has a way of sucking you in… like a big webber-net enabled vacuum cleaner. :p


PS Oh and to answer the question; YES, I would like to play the guitar. Right now would be fine… if not sooner.

The same guy does a great cover of “King of The Road”. :agree:


That was great Poppa! :)

But i want to kick yer butt,

I also got looped onto Tommy Emmanuel’s stuff and decided to sell all my music equipment. :cool:


I also got looped onto Tommy Emmanuel's stuff and decided to sell all my music equipment.

I heard that... Every time I hear those guys that can REALLY play, I think "Sheesh... why do I even try?" Then I think, "Cuz it's FUN! Even if I do suck!" :laugh:


I heard that!

Yea - I know - Doyle Dykes does it for me.

Where’s that bang on a drum all day song!!! :)

The Todd Rundgren one?

That’d be the one! (I knew someone would know it) THANKS!

Todd Rundgren was/is the shizzle ma brizzle…

I remember a live show of his I caught on TV when I was about 15 or 16 years old. I was amazed… good stuff.

D - going to bang on his git all night…

One of the first to record at “home” playing almost everything himself too by the way.

I don’t think Todd Rundgren or Jackson Browne got the accolades they deserved. They were pretty darn big though… I mean look at the awesome stuff those two achieved versus some of the no-talent garbage that’s splattered all over the headlines now? The world is ROTTEN I tells ya!


PS YES… I realize that I sound just like my dad 30 years ago, talking about Benny Goodman and Guy Lombardo… :laugh:

Todd Rundgren - A Wizard, A True Star


The Nazz