I missed this party!

I can’t believe someone actually made a complaint :D All I got for my 16th bday was a lowsey cake.
Birthday Party Story!!!

Ya gotta admit it’s a little sick, having one’s mom procure for one.

From the article:

“Who are they to tell me what I can and can’t show to my own children?” the mother said.

Well, I guess she’s about to find out…



Welcome to the new puritanism.

Mind you, in Scotland you can marry without parental consent at 16, and even in England you can marry at 16 with parental consent, (or if you don’t get it, you just get a bus to Scotland).

So, when do you become an adult in the USA?

When you’re 21 and can buy alcohol? When you’re old enough to join the army and shoot people? When you’re old enough to be in charge of the deadliest of deadly weapons, the automobile? :)

But even over here we have a scary “moral majority” (who appear to be neither).

Not long ago, Ester Rantzan who chaired a very popular consumer TV show was arrested for sexual abuse.

What had happened, was that her and her husband had taken photographs of their new baby daughter, (and what parent doesn’t?).

But, a couple of the shots showed the baby being bathed, and the baby was naked!!!

Shock horror!

So, when the film was sent for processing, someone in the lab blew the whistle, and Ester and her husband were arrested.

It’s a sad world when you can’t even take innocent photographs of your own children.


Quote (TomS @ May 31 2005,14:44)
Ya gotta admit it's a little sick, having one's mom procure for one.

Yeah It's sick! What in the #### are people thinking these days? Well they obviously aren't :( I am far from being prudish. I am a photographer for a living and have seen lots of skin but when I was 16 all I cared about was how much money I could save up for some good LP's and playing gtr for 4 hours a night.
Quote (Ali_T @ May 31 2005,15:27)
So, when do you become an adult in the USA?

Is this a trick question?

Personally, I don’t think I was ever adult enough to watch a stripper with my mother in the same room! :D


Actually, there are vast numbers of people over 18 who NEVER become adults. In the USA or anyplace else for that matter.

If mom REALLY wanted to do something “special” for her son, she oughta got him a gift certificate from the local “massage” parlor! :p

TG - only got cake too… :(

Quote (Ali_T @ May 31 2005,16:37)
Personally, I don't think I was ever adult enough to watch a stripper with my mother in the same room! :D


This one got a big laugh out of me.... I agree completely!


What ever happened to the good old days of trying to get into a strip club when you’re 16 using a fake ID and then getting ripped off at the door cause they know you’re only 16 and will pay anything they ask of you??

This woman is depriving her son of a valuable learning and growth experience…

Shame what the world is coming too… kids growing up not knowing the true value of a stripper and how much they should really pay…

Poor kid…

Wowsers, if my Mother had did something like that for my 16th, I wouldn’t be typing right at this moment, CAUSE I WOULD’VE HAD A FRIGGIN HEART ATTACK!
As far as growing up and becoming an adult, who really wants to anyways?

My 16th I had a Hostess Twinky with “a” candle in it. :p