Wow! Look at This!

just unbelievable…

Three monkeys flew by. And they asked for bananas.

no cents

and who was talking about useless posts?

Well, I wanted to get into the spirit of things around here. I’m glad you took the time to look, read, and respond. Nothing quite like experiencing "useless posts."

no cents

ps - and its really not useless. there’s the monkey mixing pyramid, banana mixing pyramid, the power of suggestion, pyramid power, and pyramid schemes. Lime juice. It tastes limey. Just do it. Lime- it does a body good.

Hey, I just found out what poing d’arco means!


Hee hee hee. Good one, nocents! :) Three motorcycles and a left-handed telphone!

Gimme green short circuit wire any day. And beer seeds.

Beer seeds? With or without? I prefer them with, although some purists I know scoff at this.