Woxnerw Audio & Recording



Went to your site. Nice setup and equipment. Love that Remix board.


Hi dave:
Isn’t that a great little panel? It came available to me and the price was right… I couldn’t refuse the deal… At the time I was looking into a Tascam Model?.. or a Mackie 3208… or something at that level… But this Hill has nice E.Q. “Break” points… You know… you always want something ya don’t have, or can’t afford… I’d like to have individual Phantom supply switches on each Strip… and a built-in Patch Bay… AND, well…

That console was responsable for some pretty big, Locally-Home-Grown Projects… I hope there’s still lott’sa music and ideas left in it, yet… We’ll see…

At the moment, I’m working on trying to get this DAW back to where it once was so I can get back to creating, again… :O ???

My Life-Long-Music-Partner, is no longer with us… We used to argue quite a bit over the music we did… :(