Writers Block


ok, so this is the first song i’ve attempted to record in ages, it’s a VERY RAW DEMO but I really need some inspiration for where to take it next as my guitar skills are limited and the bloody guitar keeps ‘twanging’ all the time!

anyhow, I figure that b4 I spend loads of time polishing it I should see if the song itself goes down well or not…so what do ya think?

writers block

Ange x

Polish it! It will generate it’s own needs or not - but you won’t know until you try.
Love the style alone… witty stuff!

It’s a good one, what he says!
Gose down smooth and easy! :laugh:

You could take the weekest guitar part and sit with it for a few days. As you watch the tube etc and keep messing with it. You’ll come up with a bunch of veriations that will speek volumes and strengthin that partical of twaing. :p

once i’ve gotten over this damn cold i’ll get stuck into it properly, think i’m gonna mic the guitar if I can…

would you suggest that i use the dynamic for the guitar and the compressor to do the vox so that i can do both at the same time or just do the two separately with the compressor?

Ange x

You really are Kirsty McColl reborn. Love that sense of humour and charm in the way it’s put over :agree: :agree: :agree:

I sense you are most comfortable doing them both at once… am I correct? In that case I would mic only the vocal and let the guitar go ahead and bleed into it. For you I wouldn’t even let you wear headphones. Comfy sittin’ at the kitchen table with family type performance. Then after you get the vocal track spot on - you can put on the recording hat to replace, or add I should say, a good mic’ed guitar track. The first guitar bleed should act as a thickener to the added one, or if not just gate your vocal to let it shine on it’s own. Depends on the mic and mic placement too to pull it off though. I’ve done that a lot with different singers who were writers that felt the whole studio thing was way too restrictive on performance values. Atmosphere and comfort does a lot for performance and a great performance is the first step to a great recording. Just my experience…

Tommys right.

I like to record both ways but most of the time I will do the guitar first because I’m into the guitar and try to make that special.
I always feel that I’ll get a better recording if I do them seperately.
Then of course when I play it live it’s always better because of the dynamics of the voice, personality and the guitar phrasing.
I don’t try to capture that in the studio because it might be hard to reproduce all that live, if I didn’t feel the same that day.
I go for real good takes on all the parts seperately.
And when I get a hot studio version then it’s even better live which to me is like icing on a cake.
You could try both ways, the best takes will win out.
You definately want a compressor on an accoustic guitar.
This is going to be another very good song. lol when you get over that damn cold!!!

Love it.
And it sounds to me like part of a small suite of songs that together tell some larger story. (Is there more in the works?)
And I like Poppa’s idea.
Poppa, for something like that, should a metronome be used, or just depend on the artist’s own feel?
It’s just that if they cut the perfect vocal, and then want to add drums/and so on, it becomes more sticky if the beat is a little off.
And it have to be a visual metronome so not to bleed in?

Vocals can be split and nudged as needed - done it a lot. I’ve even changed phrasing to suit what I thought was needed. As long as the performance is there it shouldn’t be a problem. Of course it would be a plus. I’d rather have a vocal without it bleeding in the track so yes on the visual. They do make a light metronome for drummers as I recall now - my old friend Eddie Anderson used to park his under the snare and follow the light. I have not seen anyone else use one though - so it might have been a custom metro he made or had made.

great, thanks for the advice… I’m gonna try to get a live take with the click using the condenser. I find it hard to decide what is better…a tight and great performance in a recording playing both at the same time or the ‘perfection’ of playing the two separately having only one thing to master at a time!

I normally make up a click using ‘side stick’ on the ‘n-drums’… what is a 'Visual?'

Ange x

You can see a moving or blinking thing on the screen but can’t hear anything…or both.

I wrote a little app that did the opposite once. It would display a click based on the tempo of MIDI input from electronic drums. It was very much like a tuner in that it would point to the left when slower than the set tempo and right when faster. Talk about MESSING WITH YOUR HEAD…

Good tune Ange, definitely needs finishing!

I wuz grinning all thru this, love the lyrics!

Really clever writing. If this is you dealing with writer’s block, can’t wait till you get on a roll.

Right then… I’ve spent the day recording it and to be honest, I was chuffed when I finished, but… I slowed it down alot to help with the quality of guitar, vocals and diction…it worked but…

has it lost it’s ‘essence’ and original feel because I slowed it down

Uh Oh/writers block

Ange x

ps: do I call it ‘uh oh’ or ‘writers block’?

To me this is much better. :agree:

Yes, same here, the slower sounds better to me.

I agree with Poppa. Slowing it down as you have has helped the song, not just made it easier on you. I also don’t think this song needs a lot of added instrumentation, just a little polish.

I don’t hear the guitar as well on this version.
But I have to admit that over 30 yrs I’ve never heard anyone describe sinus congestion so well :p
Lyrics are neet, vocal very cute. That’s real good combanation. :agree: