Writing 50 songs in 80 days....

Can you write 50 songs in 80 days?

well ok…it’s 50 songs in 90 days, but the thing has already started and is currently ticking away at the 84 day mark.

I haven’t written anything sing ‘face won’t smile’ due to loads of stuff, but this may get me motivated.

I know TomS does this anyway :) …but figured writing 50 songs in just over 80 days would be a great challenge. Obviously there will be some garbage coming out but that’s part of the deal I guess.
The site is here:


Anyone else fancy it?


I would, but I don’t have the kind of time needed. It’s fun to really push, however. Like you say, lots of garbage comes out, but I don’t care about that!

Well…that’s a cool website…hrm…just might try that. How about it, Craig? I won’t call your garbage garbage if you don’t call my crap crap. :)

Done and done.

No time for major rewrites or faffing…just throw it out there…

The forum looks a great place too…should be fun

OMG what have I done…

I’d be happy if I could do FIVE songs in 80 days…


Holy moly, I know you guys can do it, but no way here, 50 songs in 50 years, maybe. . . . .

I dunno if I can do it, but thought I’d give it a go.

I’m not expecting great songs…more like unfinished ideas roughly recorded…but I’m sure it will be good practice!

5 songs ago for me i believe was december.

i reckon anybody who could write 50 songs in 80 days may be guilty of having too much spare time on their hands. It would be a very good exercise to try tho, even if you had a pile of rubbish at the end of it, im sure you could make one good song out of 2 - 3 rubbish ones.

I’d have to use the same 3 chords - like they did in the late 80’s early 90’s.


Well, if anyone on this forum can do it, it would be TomS. But even for him, that’s got to be quite a challenge.

You know Craig, I was just patting myself on the back yesterday for taking my time on my newest work.
I’m looking at this song that I could put vocals to but I’m expecting to add more parts to it.
And I want to expiment with a couple ideas yet.
I would be afraid to do that many songs that quick would create some bad habbits.
Of course you could always throw them some scraps.

The problem is that you guys have your standards set way too high. I’m happy with crapola. Anyway, here are two - can I count the one from 2 days ago? That’d make 3:

“50 in a 90” and “A Man is Just a Man”:

Go look here, Mr. Spreader!


Quote: (TomS @ Jul. 10 2009, 2:03 PM)

The problem is that you guys have your standards set way too high.
I'm happy with crapola.

:D It's not about what you do grasshopper! It's about doing 50 songs in 90 days.
That's like a hotdog eating contest.
They say we are what we eat :laugh:

You do a couple songs every now and then, so that would be about 2 or three every 60 days.
Maybe 6 in 60 days. That's not so bad.


I’ve only just started on my first…and there YOU go with the drums and bass and EVERYTHING

:laugh: :laugh:

Bloody good work!!! :agree:

I’ll get to it!!
Levi, that was my worry at first but really I’m sure it will just be a good 80 day long brainstorming session…

I’m gonna pummel you, Craig. Here’s another - “Third is Just As Good” :