Writing midi with Piano Roll

… is essentially a royal pain in the derriere! What’s more, I can no longer find soundcards that record from the midi channel, so I have record from the master audio channel, and mute everything but the midi track I’m converting to wav. Is there a piano roll program out there that will let you edit midi with the keyboard of your computer? I have AnalogX virtual piano, but it’s laggy, and I cannot record from it without getting everything else in there too that’s playing…

Urhm!? Danny! I’m thinking through your prob’s. Glad you’re getting your head around midi - well done - I know it can be very frustrating.

For starters. As Mark was saying - something must be making the drum sounds? (could well be the hard wired GM) I’m not sure with your n-T V, but, have you tried solo-ing the midi track and doing a mixdown, instead?

Try this:

Piano by keyboard

You could play the notes in real time using your keyboard and record the midi data to a track.


the problem with that, dontcare, is that I’d have to record from the Master Audio Channel in order to get it. That means, if anything else is going (such as the click track to help me stay in-time) it gets recorded, too. The older soundblaster cards used to have a separate midi channel you could record from, but not anymore, evidently fewer people fool with midi, nowadays.

simple, render .wav files of all the other midi tracks, click, drums bring that into a new file name and work off of that adding the new midi file on the master.

Do like me, keep an eye on that time sig it almost always is on 120 so I make sure it’s always on the BPM for the song so all the data lines up (give er take a 1/100 of a note) so I just slide it over to line up to the grid if you get any lag…

well…maybe it’s not so simple… :laugh:


re mixdown - then yes you are using the Microsoft GM synth - that’s why you have to mixdown in real time with the track solo’d.

Take a good look at Vsti for drums. You can change sounds etc, and is automatically included in the mixdown without you having to do what you are doing.

I wish I could be sure that what I’m about to suggest is correct…

I have these m-Audio 192 PCI Audio cards in these machines I have here…
They all have MIDI in’s-and-outs on them… Does that not allow MIDI to be recorded and played through these MIDI Connections
VIA external MIDI devices.????