xp closes ntrack

Windows XP Shuts Down N-track

Can anyone help. I’ve run ntrack on my laptop using a-audio mobilepre with little problems (v.3.3.) Now, since 4.0 to 4.4, I record one track, and boom xp shuts down the program. Crashs. I’ve a Pentium 4. with a 2.6 mghz processor. It isn’t CPU issue. But something xp is offended by.


It’s not Xp or lots of us would be having problems. Laptops on the other hand are notorious for odd problems. V4 is a completely new version of n-Tracks so there might be a legitimate but you are hitting, or at lease something in V4 that V3 didn’t have a problem with.

Does reverting to V3.3 completely solve the problem? Have you tried the latest build of 4.0.4?

I know nothing about your soundcard, bu if it works ok with V3.3 it should be ok with V4.

I haven’t checked the latest to see if that small memory corruption issue that I ran into has gone away, but since Flavio hasn’t mentioned it on the What’s New page I expect it’s still there (it’s a very hard problem to find). Something like that will cause MANY unexpected and seemingly random issues and crashes, or even no problems at all sometimes.

The same thing is happening to me. Since the 4.0 / 4.4 updates the program crashes and sometimes the whole system. I also have a laptop and I am using m-audio sound card. Very frustrating