XP Media Center Edition

Problems With XP MCE

Are there known problems with Windows XP Media Center Edition?

Yes. Tons. A lot of music programs and interfaces do not like it.

Best advice is to avoid it and install XP Home instead (you don’t need Pro unless you’re doing major networking.)


I have heard there are problems with Media Centre, but, so far I have not experienced any.
Maybe this is just anecdotal.
NTrack runs an order of magnitude better for me on media centre as opposed to xp pro on my old PIII machine.

Having said that, I’m thinking of complaining because my copy still says “Center” and not “Centre” even though I’ve set it to British English. :D


If you define "problem " as nobodys equipment supports Media center.Then ,yes I would say it is a problem. My $1500
Dell E1705 with media center will not work right with ntrk,cubase,or Reaper.I went back to my desktop with XP home. I am sure there is someone out there that has no problems,but I wish I had known, because I have very expensive doorstop right now.

I’d like to know WHY Media Center Edition has problems. It obviously does for many and maybe most, but what’s really the difference between WinXp MCE and Home or Pro. To be MCE there is a relatively small set of apps or different versions of apps that can be run (some at startup), but the underlying OS is still WinXp. Maybe it something as simple as background tasks that are run when the machine boots or something Dell (etc) changes. Many manufacurers supply their own drivers for example (as they should). If we can figure this out maybe WinXp MCE owners can finally get back to recording.

phoo, I think you’ve hit the nail right on the head. I have WinXP MCE 2005 with an HP Pavillion. I just recently did a restore from the built-in restore routine, then took hours removing all the gobbly-gook that HP added for all the bells and whistles for the home user. Once that was done, n-Track works great.

Awhile ago, I did a bit of research and found that there are various versions of WinXP MCE - 2003, 2004 and 2005 (maybe more). That may make a difference as well.

MCE adds a bunch of bloatey, crapola apps to let the OS interact with the hardware a bit more closely. You know so you can channel surf with a “normal” looking remote rather than a wireless keyboard. I have suspicions that a lot of driver, sound and video issues people have could indeed be solved by wacking some of that stuff. Like phoo said, underneath it’s still XP…


Some of us have a harder time delving into the bowels of a computer and knowing what we are turning off. I got into it some but ended up doing a restore when I still had problems.

I was able to record thru the integral sound card but there was no comparison to the pod or alesis FW. Noisy ! I will never watch tv on my laptop or record sitcoms so alot of the features MCE has will go unused.At some point I will have to get brave and mess with it.