XP won't record from my inputs

I’ve got a Echo Layla 24/96 and use it with n-tracks just fine. However, I’m trying to use the inputs to be able to talk/play audio in messenger programs like MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger, but Windows doesn’t see my Layla’s inputs as valid recording inputs. I can select them as inputs, but the buttons are grayed out for the “Volume” and “Advanced.”

This means XP doesn’t see the inputs and I can’t use them.

I wish to be able to plug a mic into my preamps-into my layla-and use that as my microphone for Audio Conferencing.

The only way I seem to be able to achieve this is by turning on my onboard soundcard-but I really would rather use my layla.

can anyone help me?

You might try selecting a different driver in your Layla control panel. If you can, switch to the standard WDM driver or even MME if available. I read somewhere that Echo’s “PureWave” driver bypasses the Windows Kernel for audio streaming. That would probably mean the driver would be unavailable for your standard Windows audio functionality.



I have it set on the WDM currently. I’ve noticed the Purewave can’t be used by Windows at all already.
thanks though.

any other ideas?

Hmmm…have you tried emailing or calling Echo tech support? I wish knew more to try and help but I don’t own an Echo card. I used to have a Layla manual but I tossed it a couple months ago…


I have a layla20 (home) and layla24 (work) and I haven’t had any problems getting it to work in anything. I don’t use MSN or Yahoo in that way, but maybe the problem isn’t the Layla. If you can select it in the control panel and use it to play default system sounds (output) then the same should be true of the input. Which device is selected as the default Windows system input?

Not sure if this helps but…I have a Gina and had to go into control panel then multimedia and select Gina as preferred rec and playback device…then disabled my onboard soundcard in device manager properties before 98se would let me use Gina exclusively



the layla is selectable as the sound recording and playback sound card and I’ve disabled the onboard soundcard in the BIOS already.

for some reason though windows won’t give me the “volume” and “advanced” options for the “audio” or “voice” recording. it will for playback though.

But, even though I can select my layla as the recording source and such, MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger won’t accept it for voice chats, even if the Layla itself is unlocked for its sample rate (to allow the programs control over sample rate)