Yaz asked for it...again


Yaz, I finally got a moment to post that thrid crappy song. I admit I played with it a tad this afternoon, and it strikes me as not actually all that crappy.

The words are partly by my 8 year old daughter, who has the soul of a poet.

Where Dragons Fly - Click here :)

Enjoyed it Tom, couple of digs tho,
1. QUIT calling them crappy songs, they aren’t!
2.QUIT burying your vocals in the mix, you have a great voice. (Just where the music swells at the end on this one)

Kudos to your daughter. All daughters have the soul of a poet in daddy’s eyes, my daughter is in my eyes!
Nicely arranged too!

I sort of intended the vox to get buried at that point. It’s a feature. :D


This is a very nice song. You have quite a distinctive soloing style, nice lead break on this.
But…please, please push the vox out front more towards the end. If you’re playing around with it, try dropping the music out right as the last line starts (You can hardly breathe in) Might give it a nice dramatic ending…Just a thought! I’m in a thoughtful mood. Enjoyed this one…

Ah, well, since it’s unanimous… :D

You guys are totally right, of course. Always a problem when mixing one’s own stuff.

Thanks for the constructive comments!

Tom I know when mixing and hearing your own voice the tendacies to put it in the backgound are almost instinctive. Everyonethinks their own voice sucks. Everyone when hearing themselves always say "Do I really sound like that?"
My mixes with myself singing turn into instrumentals. LOL

But son, you have a very very good voice! SO TURN IT UP! CRANK IT!


Thing is, Yaz, I have been really putting the vox up high in the mix, to my ears. Just goes to show something!

I blame it on the curddy sound of mp3s. :D

I’ve been pushing my voice too up front in the mix recently. I think I’m guilty of beginning to think I can sing :D

A dangerous trait!!

Bruffie, not a dangerous trait at all.
Tom, the voice was up front at the first of the song.

Just think of it this way, the worst voice you’ve ever heard (someone that really annoys you when you hear them) on a professional album, never buried in the mix, cause someone else mixed it. The vocal is the focal point of any tune, unless it’s an instrumental.

Worst voice I ever heard…um…Neil Young? :D

Naaaahhhhhhh, Neil’s ok, worst I ever heard…

Me, then

William Shatner doing Lucy In The Skies With Diamonds

(YazMiester @ Jul. 26 2007,11:41)
Naaaahhhhhhh, Neil's ok, worst I ever heard.......

Me, then

William Shatner doing Lucy In The Skies With Diamonds


Hey Tom, we found another Jazz bass with active e’s we’re gonna try tues. Still searching for that sound you got. IT WAS AWSUM!
The only DI I have is the Digitech pedal, gonna strip down the digital and try it, not sure what it’ll sound like.

I love the sound of a J bass, but I think part of that particular sound was the preamp - Clava rackmounted a pair of Yamaha pm1000 preamps for me. The DI I have is also an old one, a SESCOM from the 1970s - I believe they were one of the first companies to market these things, and I read somewhere that they were actually the first, the inventors of them. Dunno if that’s true, but it sounds pretty good to me.

It sounds great! No, it’s the best recorded bass sound I have heard in ages! And that was on a MP3, jeeez.

We’ll see what we can come up with, I like the sound in the active electronics on the Jazz.

Got another one in the pipes for you Yaz, also with a nice-ish bass sound, but I think I have conquered the snare, and my son and daughter wrote the lyrics, gonna try and finish it this afternoon, but I dunno…

I have had a productive day, however, I replaced a toilet.


OK, Yaz, go listen to this one, “I’m A Tiger” - lyrics mostly my 8 year old daughter. :)

And if you complain about the snare this time I’m gonna cut off my toes. (The snare is my new Pearl Firecracker, and I really reallyreallyreally like it). :D

I’m A Tiger - Click Here!

It’s 6:45 am Sunday morning in the foothills of NC. Inside a small home studio sits a 6’4" 220lb 51yr old man. Sipping on his first cup of coffee wiping the z’s from his eyes and cobwebs from his feeble mind. He clicks on a song newly posted by an artist on the nTrack forum. The bass line kicks in on the song, suddenly without warning the old fart jumps to his feet and starts dancing, something he hasn’t done in 30 years. His body can’t sit still, suddenly a wah wah kicks in the song, HE IS OVERJOYED! “YES!” he shouts as he tries not to crash into the Washburn guitar sitting in the nearby guitar stand!
To be continued…

I LIKES IT! Snare sounds good, so don’t cut the toes off. WAh, oh yes! This is a cool song. Hard to type, still wanting to dance! :D

Installing a toilet is a sh%tty job you know.

Ok, after 7 or 8 listens, and stubbing my little toe dancing, I realized there was something under foot here (no pun intended) so downloaded mp3 a nd put in stereo enhancer and wahlah! There’s a second bass guitar track. Pretty cool! :D