Yazmocrats and Yazlicans

Up to their usual crap again.

This thread is absolutly about nuttin’ , but ya looked anyways.

Have a great Tuesday everyone, unless it rains,

Then have a great rainy Tuesday! :D


so in other words, it’s like all the other threads "up to their usual crap again"

Man, with you, it’s all righleft wing SMEAR!!!


My political affiliation sucks less than your political affiliation.


Actually, it’s those darn radical centerists that are the root of all evil!


“look at me, I’m so…MODERATE!”

I’m afraid I’ve had to moderate my centrism. Now I’m a wild-eyed radical conservative. :)

My advice is the local bar (pub) that has “happening tuesdays”…just came back from one and yes… I’m now the king of “…” because…I like them. I can now type messages…et al messages… and feel like you are thinking about them… then filling in what I meant to say! so if you agree… (and you do) then all you have to do is type in some kind of message…

Best reagards

Sorry, really did come back from a …“something tuesday” at the bar and feeling no pain…silly is GOOD!

Meanwhile back in the year one
When you belonged to no one, (NO ONE)
You didn’t stand a chance son,
If your pants were undone!