yellow tools independence free

Does anyone have Yellowtools independence free vst working on their computer? I installed it and one of their downloaded instruments and I think this is causing my n-track problems. N keeps crashing, mainly on closing, uninstalled and reinstalled. Will work great with yellow tools (I LOVE this VST) and can run it for hours. BUT, if I close it and reopen. It will either crash on closing or won’t reopen. I removed the Yellow tools vst and it seems to be working now. But it has acted ok before only to start crashing again.

Any info would be appreciated.


I downloaded Independence Free a couple of days ago, but I haven’t put it
on yet. I usually backup before I put something that big on the system.
I wanted to get it months ago - but didn’t have high speed Inet connection.
I saw this guy on YouTube playing a classical guitar sample from Indep Free -
and it sounded GOOD. I’m sure others here are using it. Just shootin the breeze
until someone who knows for sure pipes in. I’ll have it on in a couple of days.

Hi guys. Same. It looks cool. I’ve lost my KVR details and it’s too much bother on this slow craptop. Later. Just how chunky a plug is this thing and why is it a crasher?

I am not sure that indy free is the problem, but I think it is.
If it is I hope Flavio can make N-track work with it.
This is one cool vst.
I really like the drums and the acoustic guitar is awesome.
I bought one of their downloads and the electric guitars are really good.
Yellow Tools has some really good sounds.

By the way it is not clunky, you can use it easy or as complicated as you want.

Funny thing is when I install the vst it works great, but then N crashes on closing.


In the meantime try loading up Indy Free in Buzz

This is a pretty wild little VSTi host that lets you do some incredible
things - dig into it - it’s pretty mind blowing what you can do.


Thanks for the buzz tip, when I get some time I will have to try that.

A little update, I reinstalled Indy free and went back to V-6.05 and after some fiddling, I have been running N without any real issues for a couple of days. I really don’t know what the issue was, but it’s working fine now. I will never understand why computers change from day to day without you doing anything to them other than use them. Somedays N will work perfectly without a crash. Next day several crashes without changing plugs or anything other than tweaking in the piano roll. BEATS ME.

anyway cross your fingers for me.

Sent Flavio some info through support (crash file) but He still hasn’t gotten back to me yet. Guess he’s busy.