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Live output to headphones

I’m struggling badly with getting a decent live output to headphones for the bass. I’m connecting the direct out on the bass head to my mixing board and feeding the mixing board output to headphones thru an amp. All the instruments and mics come thru the phones nicely, but the bass distorts and cuts out badly. It is obviously too ‘hot’ for the output but I can’t figure out how to tone it down. It is recording to N-Track beautifully…so the input levels are great. But we end up playing our tracks having to listen to this god-awful bass sound while we play. Any suggestions?

Better headphones?

Or else, set up your mixer so that channel EQ doesn’t affect what goes into the soundcard inputs, and EQ the bass to taste. To do this on medium and bigger mixers, just use the channel’s “Insert” jack to send the channel to the soundcard. Only plug the cable half-way into the Insert jack (on most mixers, but not all – check the specs or let us know what kind you have).

Are you recording every channel individually, or just recording a mix into a stereo input? If the latter, and if your mixer has “pre” sends, you can use those and the pre aux bus’s output to send to your soundcard’s inputs.

The answers would be easier to state if I knew what your setup is (number of soundcard inputs, type of mixer, whether you’re recording individual tracks versus submixes).