Yesterday's pathetic attempt


Again, all of this was done in about 3 hours, from writing to “mastering.” :D

The song is "Far Beyond"

Drums, interestingly enough, are mono. The snare was recorded with the kick drum mic. I think it sounds pretty good on snare.


Cool song :)

Agreed! Tom, you have about enough material for a CD release bud… Let me know when you print 'em. I’ll order one up straight away. :)


“Enough” or “enough that’s good enough”? :)

You want a CD, or a bunch of CDs full of stuff, D? just pm me. I’ll see that you get 10 or 20 of 'em. Each guaranteed to have at least 7 amusing moments. :)

LOVED it! Put me down for a CD too. I’m SO hearing soundtrack for the closing on “Cold Case” the TV show. Far beyoo-ooooond…

Good stuff.


Kick mic on the snare works! I like that sound. That’s a ragin’ solo at the end Tom, and a great song all around :D

you know a solo is good when you can “see” it.

see a solo?..uh oh, 70’s kickin’ in… :cool:

You folks are very generous and forgiving. You even overlooked the notes in the solo played off tempo… :)

Cold case - hmm, like a cold case of Guiness? I’ll play for that. :D


Good bass too Tom!

I got a few cans of Guiness you can have, just call round.