Yesu Azali Awa

Haven’t been by in a while, since I haven’t done much recording for a year. A year ago, I got my deviated septum fixed and huge adenoids yanked out. But after recuperating, I went through a period of un-inspiration.

For Christmas, I got a new PC for recording and a better acoustic. That still didn’t kick me out of the rut like I hoped. So recently for my birthday I got a better reference amp (Alesis RA150) and my first condenser (MXL 990 for $60, phantom unit for $30). Also, I upgraded my N-Track to V4.

So I finally got off by butt and put the schnoz and equipment through its paces with a little ditty. It’s a chorus in Swahili that I learned from the Congolese refugees in my housechurch.

The drums are out of FruityLoops. I sequenced 8 bars and repeated it. The guitar and vox are single-takes recorded on the new condenser. The bass is through my olt Ibanez PT5 floor unit on a clean patch, with some compression afterward. Guitar track got some parametric EQ and Roomverb plugin on “open space” preset with tweaks. Lead vox compressed with “Blockfish” and got some different Roomverb through Aux A, and backing vox remianed uncompressed and a bit more Aux A than lead. Mixed down. Ran the resulting file back through N to master with the FAsoft multiband compressor. Ripped to MP3 with an old Fraunhoffer program that I like.

For those couple of guys here who might remember the Ecclesisastes project, I stalled in the middle at 6 of 12. I hope to skip to Chapter 9 which is partially written.Yesu Azali Awa