Yet another free reverb plug-in

GAS side-effects…

I went out and purchased Garritan Personal Orchestra yesterday - cool, but not cheap.

While searching the site for updates, I found that the Ambience Reverb that ships with it also sits on the site for free… - felt like sharing this one with you all.

Garritan Ambience Reverb

BTW, Garritan seems worth the investment…

regards, Nils

Hi Nils. This plugin can be downloaded separately from his own site (is not code from garritan), and works without restrictions even is shareware.

Beyond that, browse the garritan forum, they are working in an awesome impulse reverb. But it will not be free.

I was not too impressed with Ambience, FWIW. But GPO is great, and really cheap for what you get…

Another happy GPO user. I really am interested in the Jazz library too.

Bubbagump, you should check out the Stradivarius plugin, too. I don’t play the violin, but have occasionally recorded skilled violinists, and the demos of it are really impressive and convincing. Now, if I could just hone up my keyboard skills… :)

regards, Nils