Yet another song rainy day song

Drums any better Bruffie? :slight_smile:

"It’s Mighty Thin"

Based on a bass part, actually:

It’s Mighty Think

I’d actually really appreciate it if anyone would listen to this one, I think it’s one of the better things I’ve done lately.

Hey Tom:

What I like about he song is how you’re able to keep the vocals so up front when there’s not a lot behind it (three sparse tracks) - it really puts some umph behind what your saying. You know how some songs are less about the lyric, and more about the “party.” To me, this song represents the antithesis of that mentality.

I like the lyrics as well. Is there a deeper story behind them? What promted the lyric? That’s what interests most about songwriting… the inspiration behind it.

How did you get your vocals so crisp, and is that reverb or a slight flange on top of them?

Have you performed it live? I’d be curious to hear how the audience responded. It’s a strong song all round.

Nicely stripped down song Tom. Interesting lyrics and good vox as usual. Actually the only problem I have with the drums is that the snare sounds kind of dead. I think if it was a little crisper it would add to the overall sound for me, but hey! music is a subjective thing. Beefy and I used to go and watch a Band in the UK called Iona, and one stunt that the drummer used to do was to play one song with a mic’d upturned plastic bucket replacing the snare… :)

Waiting for the day when I can say " I knew Tom Spademan before he was famous"

Ahh, I fooled you, Iplan - it has: drums, bass, 2 guitars, wurli epiano, and a sort of cross between a cheesy string synth and a sine wave organ. Still, it’s supposed to sound stripped down.

Um…lyrics…well, I write lyrics when I’m driving around, so there was this billboard, and it said “engine light on? Transmission trouble?” I said: boy in a bubble…the rest of it is just nonsense, really. But I shouldn’t say that - there’s that interesting phenomenon where we tend to hear meaning and find patterns in things no matter what the author’s intention - I suspect that explains a lot of Bob Dylan’s lyrics. :) Or The Procol Harum song “Nights in White Satin” :) Vocals: rode ntk through a eureka preamp, with two reverbs, both SIR, one amibance one small room, with a 35 ms delay in front. And LOTS of compression (two stages - the Eureka, and a plugin), mucho low end rolled off.

Bruffie - you’re right - that snare is recorded with an Audix D6 - a kick drum mic. I like the low end twack. So I need to use two mics on top, I think, that plus, say, a small condensor for some crispness. I wouldn’t hurt if I weren’t in my tiny basement, using a student model Tama snare…oh, and if someone who actually knows how to play would play - I have to quantize the hell out of the snare and kick, or else it sounds like galloping horses. :(

(TomS @ May 27 2007,17:33)
I suspect that explains a lot of Bob Dylan's lyrics. :) Or The Procol Harum song "Nights in White Satin" :)

I suspect you meant "Whiter Shade of Pale" which Gary Brooker admitted was basically nonsense, helped by a little substance abuse :)

"Nights in White Satin" was The Moody Blues.

But I think you have a good point, sometimes people look for things in lyrics that were never there from the start. I had that argument in a bar over that very same Procol Harum song. Some guy told me he loved the song for the deep meaning to the words, I innocently asked him what he thought the song was about, er......

Good song - I really like the guitar/synth? solo at the end - neat effect. I like it now, but I also think it could sound good at a much faster tempo… I could see it getting a sort of raw punky treatment.


Another masterpiece Tom, except the snare sound of course :D
By the way, writing whilst driving is very dangerous. I tried it the other day and I spilt my coffee and dropped my doughnut into the footwell.
Got jam all over a new cd too.


Yes, that would have been the MB, wouldn’t it? Brain fart there. And I think I was remembering the whiter shade comment in some way. And one could also have cited Conquistador instead, for the same point, I suspect. :)

I dunno, jm, I’m in a wilco phase. I dunno if I can do punk. Hmm. I had better try it at a faster tempo. Thing is, you get old(er) and slower tempos seem better… :D Stuff at the end it guitar, with humming, and an e-piano.

Say, beefy, there was this poem I ran across once years ago, written by a guy who was teaching at Iowa University (which has a fabulous rep for creative writing) and the poem was about how he lived out in the country and would drive in to work in the morning, and the roads are pretty flat and straight, so he’d read poems, and the ultimate line of the poem was something like “I’m waiting for the poem that will kill me.” (I.e., he’ll be so into it he’ll not notice he was driving off the road…). Wish I could remember who wrote that…

(TomS @ May 28 2007,03:12)
" (I.e., he'll be so into it he'll not notice he was driving off the road...). Wish I could remember who wrote that...

Ted Kennedy?

'Nother great tune Tom! I REALLY like that part at the end where there’s the guitar that’s real loosely following the vocal hum. Just off-time enough to totally fit and make this tune!

I like the vocal humming with guitar around 3:15 or so - the snare drum very padded and compressed - which I like for this song! I listened twice and liked it better the second time, especially the singing - I wouldn’t change a thing.

(Bruffie @ May 28 2007,00:42)

(TomS @ May 28 2007,03:12)
" (I.e., he'll be so into it he'll not notice he was driving off the road...). Wish I could remember who wrote that...

Ted Kennedy?

Oh, yeah, that's who it was! :)

Thanks for all the comments folks. dlachance, glad you don't suggest any changes, 'cause I'm waaaay too lazy to make any!

Again, thanks guys. :D

I took a quick listen to some of the songs you have posted at your Soundclick page and thought “Another Song About the Rain” was the real standout for me. The others are pretty good, but not as catchy as that one, which had a cool 60s vibe going. Not sure if I’m a big fan of your snare sound – seems just a little flat to my ear, but overall your mixes are very well-balanced and clean. It’s awesome that you have so many original tunes posted.

What’s awesome is that you folks actually listen! :)

Man, I gotta do something about the snare sound. It’s at best been rated as “tolerable.” :D

Thanks for the comment , kdsb!