Yet more serious stuff..........

speak up geetar pickers!

String gauges. Heavier? Lighter? SS? Nickel?

Lets stay with electric guitars for the moment.

Lester gets EB Super Slinky Greens .10 - .56
Strat, Godin and Dean Hollowbody - EB Slinky Pinks .09 - .42

What say you axe slingers? Opinions?


PS Now THIS is serious stuff!

I’ve seen Godin’s advertised in GP - they look nice. Check out my friend Bob’s guitars - Arconti Guitar. I was already to order one but decided I needed to get the “Neil” guitar first.

Mr Soul

0.10 - 0.52’s, the Gretsch gets 0.11 - 0.49 too.
No particular brand preferences, but I’ve had friends in nice places who got me GHS for next to nothing. Basically I’ll string 'em with anything that isn’t too thin :)

Heavier is better (up to a point) - better intonation, better control, better sound. Esp. for recording. I used to use very light for performance, 'cause it was easier on my hands, but I’ve come to my senses. :) Oh, nickel, no question about it.

I can agree with the “heavier is better up to a point” statement. The main reason I have .10’s on the LP is to get a more consistent feel when I switch between it and the other guitars. With .09’s on there, it’s easy to see where the term “fretless wonder” came from for some Gibson guitars. Shorter scale + light strings = mucho bendability. (But less TONE IMO.)

I tried some .10’s on the Strat and really liked the tone but it made my particular Strat a bear to play. Guys like SRV who strung their Strats with them BIG strings could probably crush bricks with their bare hands!


I’ve been using 0.11’s on my LP lately, largely because the lead guitarist in my band does that. With that shorter scale length of a LP, medium guage is good, particularly if you are playing rhythm but it’s also doable for leads. Medium guage strings seem to last longer & very rarely break.

Mr Soul

D’adarrio XL custom lite, .09 - .46, light tops, medium bottoms…

I just use what ever D’Addario puts in a normal set of 10’s for electric, phospher bronze 11s for acoustic. Bass, who cares. :)

You know…I REALLY like the tone I get outta D’Addario’s BUT…apparently they are allergic to me! A set of D’s will last about two weeks and turn solid black with corrosion. The EB’s seem to last forever.

Must be my acidic nature! :p :p


My 0.11s for the Gretsch is also D’addario. Talk about acidic, I’m a gunkfinger too, so no matter what I string them with, it’s all crap after a very short while :)

.009-.042 for the Strat, .010-.046 for everything else. Dean Markley’s preferably - not Blue Steels but just the regular DM’s. Ernie Ball’s if they’re on sale. :cool:

What did Rodger use? Didn’t he have .008 to .038 on that Goldtop LP? Talk about Slinky…that’s downright Floppy :)

Quote (phoo @ Jan. 26 2005,19:40)
What did Rodger use? Didn't he have .008 to .038 on that Goldtop LP? Talk about Slinky...that's downright Floppy :)

Yep, and we tuned down half a step, too. Yikes.

I just got some Elixers for my acoustic, but haven’t tried them out yet. A buddy of mine swears by them.

Quote (John @ Jan. 26 2005,19:51)
I just got some Elixers for my acoustic, but haven't tried them out yet. A buddy of mine swears by them.

I had a set of those on an acoustic; I didn't like them. They sounded pretty good but just felt funny to me. Your mileage might vary. :p

John, the Elixirs do indeed sound good…but like Sean said, they feel…I dunno slimy? Just weird I guess. After you have them on for a while the polymer coating starts to come off. Then they feel slimy AND hairy! Yuck. Mental images…developing… oooooohhh…NASTY!


D’Addario 10 to 46 for all electrics. Martin SP Custom Lights 11 to 52 for the Acoustics. D’Addario Pro Arte normal tension for the classicals.

By the way, if you wanna save a buck or two, try using Aria strings 10-46 instead of the D’Addario. I have a sneeking suspicion that they are one in the same.


Use 10’s on everything now, whatever is on sale. Used to use heavier gauges but am older and can’t bend piano wire anymore. Getting the dreaded arthritis in fingers too.

John don’t waste yer bucks on them elixers, will start getting fuzzy for sure, like grabbing molded bread or something. And EXPENSIVE!:D

Yeah the elixirs do go fuzzy after a bit, but i think the tone is much sweeter on my taylor with them. Recently i got pissed at the price and put some d’addarios on, the sound was crass by comparison. But i got used to it after a few days and it didnt seem too bad. then last week i put elixirs back on and realized what i was missing. I’ll take the expense for the tone.

Also, I think the hairiness comes in at about the same time that any strings are due for a change. ok the d’addarios dont go hairy, but they are gunked up by the same amount of time.

On the tele I use boomers 009-046. Only recently settled on them after literally 2 years of trying different brands/gauges. They’re just perfect for me.

On the bass(es) I care a lot (Bubba !) - rotosound swing every time. A rickenbacker bass doesn’t even sound like a rickenbacker without them.