You found out

Mix 1 of Song 1 (2007)

Hi folks!Dan Lachance

Been poking around in these forums alot this year but haven’t been posting until now - slow time of year!

I’m not sure how to describe the song- basic synthy rock I guess, raw vocals, 80s sort of synth sounds (because I can’t find modern free soundfonts!) - just lookin for your thoughts on anything from mix / sound / to lyrics. Thanks for reading!

The song is called “You Found Out”.

I dig it Dan. Especially the vocal harmonies and the rhythm guitar. The rhythm guitar won’t let my brain lock onto a key - and yet it seems to have one. That’s cool!

PS - I like the synths you used. If you’re looking for updated stuff, I think the trend for pure synth has drifted away from soundfonts and toward VSTis. You can d/l some good free VST synths loaded up with a bunch of presets, and of course can make your own sounds. Check out KVR, and you’ll find a ton of them. Good starting points are Triangle, Crystal, Karma.

Triangle I but not II, IMHO, HotDog. :)

The bass sound in particular is great - but I’d like to hear it in full resolution on my big home speakers - on the headphones the mp3 sounds like it has a low end problem - lots very low like 30, 40 hz. But it could just be the headphones I’m listening on right now.

Tell us about the drums/percussion, and about how the guitars were recorded. The break at about 3:10 is cool. But I’m a sucker for guitars playing harmony. :)

I won’t say anything about the habs jersey…

Hey HotDogWater,

Amazing! Somebody else digs the old synth sounds (ha ha)
Thank you for the info on VST synths - I really need to put some time into that.


I’m not a Habs fan in particular; I barely even follow hockey!
As for low end, you may be right; I’ll have to check this out.
The kick / snare are electric (and played by a human being - myself; not programmed!) The cymbals are real since I’m not a fan of triggered cymbals.

There are 3 guitar tracks recorded clean; I used the Amplitude Guitar Modeler VST Plugin to apply distortion.
I like guitar harmony stuff also!

Thanks for your input guys!

You know, I had a hard time trying to figure out if the drums were sequenced or played live. It is pretty obvious that the snare and kick are samples, but then again I thought it was one heck of a good job sequencing if that’s what it was - but it wasn’t! :) I’m also surprised that the guitars sounded that good through the software - somehow soft amp sims never work for me. I really gave amplitube a good try, too. Human error, one guesses. Me being the human.

It’s the low end on the guitars that I think I’m hearing. Something kind of boggy down there.


Good stuff Dan, I especially liked the different guitar sounds, which worked together really well.


I agree with Tom - I didn’t know amplitube could sound that good and would have never guessed it. Clearly you’ve mastered that app :)

Wait…did you actually say that…you…are…not…a…habs…fan…and…you…barely…watch…hockey?

I take it all back. the music is horrible!


Wow, love the vocal mix. And the guitars sound really beefy. Have always admired your songwriting skills. For rock songs, everything sounds fairly fresh and timeless. I really like the dynamic changes in the song too. Can’t really think of anything specific I would alter. Great song!

Thank you for your kind words ksdb.

Font ColorTotal dig the synth too. THe guitar sounds great. WHo did all the vocals. Kind of Queensrych-ish harmonies. How did you record those? And what mic etc…
What hardware are you using to input with Ntrack?

Hi guitarguts!

Thanks for listening and commenting.

I did all the vocals and music, only because it’s convenient and very fast. Queensrych-ish harmonies - wow, now that to me is a compliment!

I use a Sure SM57 mic for recording vocals. I have an old Yamaha MT120 4track that I line into my Creative SoundBlaster Live soundcard - I plug my mic, guitar, electric drums etc into the 4 track. I have a very old Yamaha midi keyboard I use with soundfonts for synth/piano sounds - so that’s my setup!


This tune sounds great! Very nice job.


Thanks alot for listening everyone!