You guys seen these?

Cool free plugins

Here is a link… I have been using them some…


Thanks, Jeromee. Always nice to have more options for plugins!

I think it’s stupid when designers imitate inefficient vintage panels rather than using an intelligent GUI design, with meters where you can instantly compare left and right (parallel strips), and sliders rather than knobs (because they’re SO much easier to read at a glance). They used to design gear that way because they HAD to, not because it was GOOD!

But, I think it’s the typical consumer who’s the real idiot, prefering this less effective but “cool” appearance to a sensible one. Makers make what we want, even when it’s not what’s best. For example, home routers used to be nice little square boxes you could stack or screw to the side of a cabinet. now they’re all swoopy and round and curved and look fast, but you can’t stack the damn things! ARRRGH! We consumers are IDIOTS! Somebody PUT US OUT OF OUR MISERY!!!

Oops, sorry, rant over. The main thing is really how they sound, but it sure would be nice to see intellegent GUI design for a change. Instead of “design for idiots, because they love this cool looking but stupid crap!” Oops, ranting again …

See Jeromee’s avatar – that’s what design like this makes me do!