You know what?

The quality of music posted on this forum never ceases to amaze me. I’ve been downloading a few things around on different forums, and I’ve got to say, for home recordings the ntrack and audiominds forums are head and shoulders above the others.

The big standouts tend to be mix and production quality, and often the sounds themselves… I can track my progress (and I’m happy with what I’m putting out, mostly), but some of the stuff here - dlachance as an example is fantastic…


^^^ I second that . Might add, the forum population is much more receptive.


I agree. As a matter of fact the last commercial CD I bought was an old Clapton disc “From the cradle…”. I find more music I actually LIKE here and online at similar joints. Besides, I don’t have to pay 15 bucks for a disk with only a few good songs on it! :p