You Know Who I Am

New album

I would like to share with you my last release “you know who i am”, recorded it completely with NTRACK.

For a long time i wished to express myself and i have converted in music most of my intimate feelings and thoughts. Fortunately, today with a basic software knowledge, we’re able to make music at home with certain sound quality. Obviously i don’t want to pretend that the sound is near to pro but at least i think it’s acceptable (if i could sing as e.vedder or c.cornell the final result will be better, for sure). Take in mind that i’m an amateur artist with one and only motivation: share my music.

The songs talk about death, reality, sex, greed, love… rock subjects with my own and personal point of view.

I hope you like it.
Ucantdothattome Music

In the MUSIC section you can download all songs:
old fashioned lady
Black Gold Fever
Don’t apologize
Macchu Picchu
I can see her smile
proudful members…
Good Son
you know who i am
Let’s Dance

I’m open to your opinions…

I don’t know if it’s my connection or what but I can’t get 'em to play.

Very slow loading pages too. ?

yap, i think i’ve got a trouble with my hosting…

ok. I think i have fixed the troubles with my hosting. Now you can download the songs… and give me your opinion about them…

of course, if you want :)

Would be nice to stream them Wyndorf.

finally i creat a soundclick “account”:

ucantdothattome at soundclick