You Lost That Thing


I re-did the mix wusing sonar 8.50, and I redid the vocal track using M-Audio and my Blue bird. I’m not sure it came out any better, But It gave me something to try harder on!!!

Cheers, Terry

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Nice work!

that was realy strange you have a most unusual voice
i dont mean to be rude but i think you should make the most of it with weird lyrics & backing
you could be a cult figure you sound so diffrent


Thank you for the nice link to you songs…
Good continuity between your songs…
What audio Hardware-and-software do you use, in the production of your material????


I like the song, your voice is very unique but it grew on me and I found that it was really quite captivating. I think it was more suited to ‘imagine’ I liked that one alot more. :agree:

As others have said, you should definitely capitalize on the uniqueness of your voice. Very well suited to a quirky song with a strong hook, and somewhat less to a syrupy, highly produced ballad. Like Ange, I find that your voice works better on “Imagine” than on “You lost That Thing”. In a few places you are a tiny bit off pitch in “You Lost That Thing”. Maybe not an issue for most people, but I suppose that I’ve been ruined by too much exposure to autotune.


Yo, Tim! Where ya been?

Quote: (teryeah @ Jan. 23 2011, 2:27 PM)

Yo, Tim! Where ya been?

Teryeah! I was just thinking about you, actually tried to search the forum for your name, but I couldn't remember how to spell it. Where have I been? Buried in work mainly. Still plunking away on my music in small chunks of time, but can't seem to fit in blocks big enough for recording, at which I am very slow. Ya still playing that good crunchy Gretsch guitar stuff?