You Made Me Love YOU

Can’t resist hot drums eather!

Ya know I just realized something, Jimmy Vaughan’s style had a bigger effect on me than I though.
His phrasing for a bunch of this.
Feel like hearing some blues?

“You Made Me Love You”

You like 'em hot and wet don’t you!
Good stuff man.

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Mar. 24 2009, 5:52 PM)

You like 'em hot and wet don't you!
Good stuff man.

:D Ya guess that's me!
Thx PW! happy that you like it

Great work Levi, as always :agree:

Ange x

U so kind! Thx fro taking the time to say so Angie!

aaah the prolific Mr. Stringer!
Some vox this time… :agree:

I’d like to hear a wee bit of top end on the vox to bring them out a little more.
This is hardcore stuff to my ears…good stuff. Great playing…GREAT ending!
Well done!


Ya sound just like Brother Billy singing there Levi.
Good stuff. :agree:

Thx Spreader,
ok so let me see; vack the verb on slinky and sizzle the vox on YMMLY!
10’4 goodbuddy!
I appreciate the help. I’m not sure how soon I’ll get to that but first chance that I get! Valuable help my friend!

Yaz, thx man!
Funny though, people tell me that all the time but when I hear my self singing, I just hear me.
As long as you like it, tis good! And lets face it, Billy is to cool for words!!!

Nice groove Levi. like to hear the vox brought to the front a bit more, but nice authentic sounding piece of Blues there man! :agree:

Thx Bruffie,

Wondering if you guys are trying to get me to bring up the mumbling parts near the end where I don’t quite make it back to the mic for total saturation? :laugh:
Thx for listening mate!
Ya know you can’t get that kind of thing just anywhere!