You Rock Midi Guitar

I little something I did this morning with my Fathers Day Present a You Rock Midi guitar. Sevenofeleven turned me on to this.

I did not spend alot of time mixing. I didn’t spend any time editing midi either. I just let it roll so you are hearing mis-triggers, my mistakes, and… my mistakes

Done with EZ DRummer, Reaktor 5, Proteus VX, DSK Horns, & KeyRig

I will warn you that I had spent several evenings during the past week working with this midi guitar thing to get it to track and trigger 1/2 decent. If you get one dont expect it to work great out of the box! Man its one hell of alot better then me trying to do this on a keyboard!!! Oh and way cheaper then a ZTar.




Dang, I checked out some videos on the manufacturer’s website. It actually looks pretty cool.

Didn’t 7 devise a way of hooking-up EZdrummer to a Wii drum kit?