Your Impressions of V5 at This Point

let me know what you think

What are your opinions of v5 now that its been out some time?

I stopped at v4 and decided to hold off until the initial problems clear up. It looks like Flavio has included an impressive array of new features. I haven’t used all the features of v4 yet, so those are really not the important issues to me and many others I’m sure. The main issues are stability, speed and ease of use.

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ps- I’ve been trying a new program, Reaper, and its quite nice in terms of overall simplicity and ease of use. It has most of the features people expect in a DAW program, but what I like about it are its tiny footprint (about 1.5 MB), ease of use, and simple interface. Its also uncrippled shareware so there’s no limitations when trying it out.

N would be a MUCH SMALLER PACKAGE if the (often not required or used) plugins where removed, these could be a seperate download - everytime you upgrade you are downloading about 8meg of VST that you already have - even better as these VSYs are free on the net all Flavio has to do is to provide a link to them (it may say N Track drums, its actually de-lusion drums) and you get more info and add ons at their web site -

its just HORSES for COURSES, R suits your way N suits mine - so if you like R go with it - its the end product that matters and between the free ® and top of the range Sequia/NUendo the difference in audio quality is minimal -

man made the DAW, the DAW does not make the man - its just a tool and nothing else -


Dr J

V5 build 2194 seems to be pretty stable for me. Whenever I do get a crash, it seems to be related to a plug-in. So as long as I remember that ‘control S is your friend, use it often’ I’m very functional.

I think I went through a similar mental exercise you’re going through - to upgrade or not to upgrade. And like you, I didn’t see any features released with v5 that made me say “I have to have that now!” I did end up upgrading though, and here’s why:

> In the past, whether there were new features I really needed in the X.0 version, there have always been really cool things added in the X.1 or X.2, etc. versions.
> The upgrade price is a pretty small investment, compared with upgrading a SONAR or CUBASIS
> Flavio seems to be really committed to supporting this product and making it great, fixing bugs. Heck, I reported a bug and a new build was up within a week that fixed it. And this is while Flavio was rumored to be on vacation!
> And oddly when a discussion comes up in the forums about a wanted feature it usually seems to magically appear in a new release.

I haven’t tested this mathematically, but v5 does seem to perform better than v4.

So my decision to upgrade immediately was really one of supporting the author so he can keep supporting us. The guy’s gotta eat. And if there are instabilities in v5 they won’t disappear unless people find and report them.

I downloaded and messed around with Reaper minimally. It seems like a pretty good product. Definitely a small footprint. I personally didn’t care for the interface - found it a little unintuitive, and so really didn’t get too far.