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I have been using N-track for a little over a year now. This was one of the first things I recorded last year and wanted to get some honest feedback in a couple of areas.

Performance: Do you like the song? Does it move you? Does it bore you?
Recording: What do you think about the recording? What about the noice levels? Quality of the sound? etc…
Mix: Please critic my mix and let me know what you think is missing or your idea of it.

This particular piece is actually not in line with my main composition style, which tends to be more spanish pop rock oriented and not guitar ballad of the 80’s oriented, but I post it because I used the same philosophy for the mix as for my other works.

Thanks for taking the time to listen and enjoy!

PS. I wrote this when my son was born and its dedicated to him.

Well I like the guitar work. It has a moving kind of feeling. It isn’t really boring to me. It reminds me of something I’d hear in a movie as a background song. It kind of reminds me of a section in a background song in one of the Leathal Weapon series of movies (IIRC).

There is something about the drums that I am not liking all that much. The hihat seems too loud in comparison to the snare and that kind of bothers me. I can’t really hear the bass drum and towards the end of the song, I think there are some rimshots on the snare drum that are being lost completely because of the hihat.

I am no expert mixer, I only play around with ntrack, but I’d work a bit on the drum track. The bass guitar seems to be a bit too prominent to me also.


Thanks for your feedback!

I will go back to the mix and think about your comments.

Just out of curiosity. What are you using to listen to the music? Monitors? Headphones? Computer? Stereo? Do you have an equalizer on by any chance? Just wondering. thanks.

I am just listening to it on my main computer system not my ntrack box. It is running some 5.1 speakers (logitech) so they aren’t the best speakers and do have a slight tendency to be a bit bass heavy but good with general listening and games. I really should listen to it on my ntrack box that has monitor speakers and headphones but I am not in my basement when I am on this forum most of the time.

Ah, hats off to Carlos Santana. I like it.

Yes, the high hat is too loud, too much high end.

Are these real drums, or programmed?

Towards the end of the song you make a nice transition, but let it trail off. I like d that section and felt it just kind of ended in a whimper.

What guitar and amp/effects did you use?

Thanks valrecorder,

long way to go before I can say I sound like Santana, but your encouragement helps.

I agree with Lito and you on the hi hat.

This are real drums. I used Beta Monkey Music drum loops. This is actually not a built or programmed drum, but one of the RAW loops that came in the cd. It was just a whole song and I inprovised the chord progression and then the lead part over it.

What do you suggest that I do with the drums? I cant simply bring down the volume on the hi hat because they are already mixed. I guess my only option is to eq them?

You know its funny you mentioned that about the end part (and please let me know the exact time on the song), my wife told me the same thing! This was actually a one take for both chords and leads, improvised. Because I originally only intended it to be a practice song, to learn how to use the drum loops and N-track better. Its funny but after you hear something for a while you start to like it and its harder to change it… its like most things in life I guess.

I used a Gibson Les Paul Standard for both guitar parts and no amp. I used a Korg AX100G pedal for the effects and ran that through a small mixing board and then to my pc.

How do you feel the bass? Is it too strong? What do you recommend with it?

Thanks for the feedback and the time.


Frank (evomusic)

Yes, at 2:40 you completely change the stye, like you’re going to a new song, very tasty, then fade… :angry: Maybe another recording with that style. Listen to the wife, they’re usually right.

You may try EQ and compression on the drum track. I’ve just listened on my monitors at home and there is something harsh, I think it’s the drums. Is it clipping? Did you compress it?

Did you use a bass for the bass? Sounds fine to me.

the more I listen, the more I like your playing…

ohhh I see what you mean about the ending now, I didnt understand before.

I had to make a desicion where to cut the track because at the end (because I was improvising and playing around, I simply started to wonder off key and do weird stuff that sounded terrible, so this was the only sort of logical place to do it. The other choice was to cut it right at 2:42 very abruptly and call it a finish. I figured the fade out might work better. Im going to try to cut and see how it works.

The bass is a real bass. A Fender 5 string.

I will try to eq and compress the drums.

Thanks, Im glad you enjoyed the tune.

I liked it! Would you share your guitar setup with us?

My only suggestion would be to maybe have a short keyboard section somewhere in the middle, to break up the long lead & make it less monotonous (which is really isn’t). I’m only suggesting this because you mentioned the boring bit.

Mr Soul,

Thanks for listening.

I totally agree with the keyboard suggestion. As a matter of fact I want to put keyboard on many of my other tunes, but currently I dont have one and dont have the patience to program midi stuff. Im probably going to be investing in either a MIDI controler or a keyboard.

Off course if out of the kindness of your heart you want to throw some keyboards on your own and send them my way the are most welcome!

I used a Gibson Les Paul Standard for both guitar parts and no amp. I used a Korg AX100G pedal for the effects and ran that through a small mixing board and then to my pc.
I took a bit to tweak the pedal board to the sound I liked. The problem is, is one of the least expensive ones and it has lots of noise, so it is a challenge.

After reading the other comments. I don’t have much to add technically, other than I didn’t find the bass too strong at all, but not too keen on the snare sound.
The song and the performance are great! Congratulations.

Thanks Bruffie,

What was it about the snare that you didnt like?

Glad you liked it.

Quote (evomusic @ June 01 2005,23:14)
Thanks Bruffie,

What was it about the snare that you didnt like?

Glad you liked it.

Hmmm. Don't take it too seriously. I just find the snare sound a little weak. I'm not a technical guy so it's just a personal impression. I'm listening again as I type this. Still love the song. Then again I posted a song this week as Bruffie2, called Need u Bad and a friend called to tell me the snare was too strong, so what do I know? :D

Thanks for your feedback. I will take it into consideration.

On most of my other more pop songs, I do give the snare I but more punch and body. I actually tend to give a lot of importance to the snare, so you might like some of my other stuff better.

I heard your stuff and will put some comments soon

Quote (evomusic @ June 06 2005,13:32)
On most of my other more pop songs, I do give the snare I but more punch and body. I actually tend to give a lot of importance to the snare, so you might like some of my other stuff better.

:) don't get me wrong though! Still like the song very much!

Dang Evo,

That was great stuff ! I use to play a lot of lead and I loved it, Very nice. Yeah I guess the drums are a bit over the top in places, but I enjoyed the guitar work so much I really didn’t spend too much time critiquing the mix.

Thanks for the great tune dude !

Ted Roberts


Im really glad you liked it.

Thanks for taking the time to post your feedback.

Best Regards

Frank Suarez

Thanks for all the help and feedback.

I played around with the eq a little. Give it another listen and let me know what you think.

Thanks for the help!

Hi again Evo,

I like what you’ve done. The drums sound tamer but still nicely present, the high hat is not overbearing as it occassionally was before. It is easer to hear the bass guitar and the kick drum, which is nice, they provide a stronger foundation now than before.
It sounds like you have changed the pan of the rhythm guitar and maybe added a slight delay from side to side, is that correct ? I like it, it brings out the body and richness of the rhythm guitar and adds a stronger fuller backdrop to the Lead.
I seem to sense more transparency in the mix than before which is always a good thing.
I am monitoring on a pair of headphones, but they are a pair of higher end Sennheiser headphones so I think I am getting a pretty accurate representation of the Sonic quality of your recording.

I would suggest you start fading the song just prior to the 3 minute mark, before it starts to get lose. I still think a fade would work better than a complete cut given the nature of the tune. Maybe starting it at 2:50 and making sure it ends prior to or at 3:00.

Hope this helps, great stuff Bud !

Keep writing and recording :D

Ted Roberts