Zero vu

Wow those look like nice!
The only thing that kept me from going with waves was that dumb iLock key… One can’t demo waves with out an iLock key.
(I believe you can rent waves for short periods.
Like a month at a time, I might do that)
Or I would be surfin waves right now!
Still might in the future, if I win the lottery

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From PreSonus:

Because K-System metering takes into account monitor playback levels,
calibration with an SPL meter is required.

Hi sevenOfeleven:

I have what may be considered the Standard SPL Meter..
It's the Radio Shack Digital one..
I see them in all the Studio and Mixing Rooms I've been around, over the years..
I always have mine within arm's reach.. Every-so-often I'll check the SPL to see that the levels don't creep upwards, when doing a mix session..
Does that help..
It keeps me from waking up the next morning with a big fat headache..


Yeh Bill.

Check this thread from Gearslutz with some input from Mr. Katz himself (further down in the thread)

Good stuff 7 :agree:

Thanks phoo and All Gents on this Thread:

I think those Meters are the greatest level indicators that can be found around the Audio business…
I’m not sure …
but I believe the CBC up here adopted the K- Series of Level Monitoring…
Yea know, it’s not what you use…
it’s that you use…
what you get used to using…

you get old and you can only hear from 500 Hz. to 1500 Hz.

I can remember when I was playing…
I stood within 1-2 feet (depending on how big the stage was) of the drummer’s left-hand Crash Cymbal, seven night’s-a-week…
Every time he smacked it, my vision would distort and it would wake me up…
I think that’s why drummers use cymbals…

keeps bass players on their toes…

Many of the kids today use ear plugs…
one of the studio guitar players over here uses one sheet of toilet paper twisted up and then run under the tap…
Then he screws it into his ears…
like a big bolt…
He never goes into a session with toilet paper…


So Levi - It sounds like you wanna give ‘mastering’ a serious go.
Keep moving up that ladder to the top.

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So Levi - It sounds like you wanna give 'mastering' a serious go.
Keep moving up that ladder to the top.

:D Ok 7 thx. By the way, where's the ladder?

Never mind. Take the elevator. :laugh:

What I’m finding that works for me is to use my lin phase eq in doubles or more. When I run out of bands I add another lin phase eq to cut the last bits of mud and my cuts have shallow Qs for most parts.
I’ll pay more attention to my meters, rms and all :agree:

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Never mind. Take the elevator.

But don't stop on the floor with all the lovely dancing girls, don't stop on the floor with all those ya da, ya da, ya das and so on and on and on and on work work work, wood shed, study and get in shape for cryin out loud

Really all this believe it or not, is to speed up the process so I can get back to my guitar sooner.

Yeh - I hear you. Don’t want to spend all your time being a mixmeister.