Zoom function sends me back to beginning

Is this a bug or a setting problem?

Whenever I use the Zoom in/out buttons in the piano roll window the display jumps back to the first measure. How do I zoom in without losing my place? Is this a bug or a setting problem?

Thank you.

It zooms to where the play cursor is. If that’s at the beginning of the song that’s were you zoom to.

My MUST HAVE feature list is a set of flags that can be posted to locations in the song, then each flag has there own set of navigation, play, and zoom buttons. Play from flag one - Play from flag three - Zoom in to flag two - Jump to Flag one. It’s a bit difficult editing when you really need to be zoomed in on a measure but you want to always play from a location that’s 8 measures to the left, and then you need to change zoom level but don’t want the display to back-track 8 measures.


there are already markers in n-track, they may help you with your flagging problems. they won’t do everything, but they can at least proved an easy way to find measure start/end points.

Doesn’t help the zoom problem though.

true. I tried it and it didn’t do it to me. I think the first guess was correct that the position of the cursor is to blame.