Zoom H4n

Connecting the Zoom H4n via USB

I’m a long-time and very satisfied nTrack user. I’ll be getting the Zoom H4n “pocket recorder” in a few days (see http://www.zoom.co.jp/english/products/h4n/). I plan to use it for audio input to nTrack. It has the ability to connect to a PC via USB 2.0. Has anyone else tried the nTrack/H4n combination? If so, what results have you had?

Ow, sorry about that lousy link. Here’s a better one: http://reviews.cnet.com/voice-r…53.html

Can’t you take the card out and import files too with it?
Three or four H users here that I know of. All very happy with them.
One of them will be along soon I’m sure.
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Thanks for the kind welcome Poppa. I hope I can be a helpful source of information for others and learn some new tricks myself.

Sure, you can simply pop the memory card out of the H4n and into a PC card reader. Even easier is simply connecting the H4n to the PC via USB (with the card still in the H4n). In that case, I believe the H4n memory just looks like another disk drive.

In the past, I’ve always imported WAV files (recorded on a Zoom PS-04) into nTrack; I’ve never recorded directly to nTrack, but now I’m counting on being able to do that with the H4n. Unlike the PS-04, the H4n does not have built-in drums, so I’ll be using nTrack drums (which thankfully has a far easier UI than the drums on the PS-04). I’m a bit concerned that I may run into latency problems recording an audio track in real-time in synch with the nTrack drums. We’ll soon see!

That may get tricky, but I have cut entire tunes on a 2 gig flash card with little problem. It didn’t show strain until the 14th or 15 th track. Then I realized, " crap, I’m still on my flash drive!"
Let us know how it works out.