Zoom in build 1839

Whats up with the zoom not going in all the way anymore and shifting spots once you click it like 20 times? Maybe a missed bug? I need my zoom tool! Anyone else notice this? :O

Seems OK here? ???


Works ok for me too…

It will zoom in on where your song position marker (or whatever that vertical dashed line is called) is currently at.
so if it is not on your screen it will jump to where it is when you zoom


I repro the problem Silver is seeing.

When zooming all the way in, the very last click of the horizontal + magnifying glass button will cause the location to jump to some seemingly random spot in the same track. It doesn’t seem to happen with vertical zoom.

Zooming back out will take about 15 clicks of the button to put the song position marker back into view, except that clicking to zoom back in one time when zooming out after the random location jump will bring it back immediately. That might be a good workaround for now.

The current zoom position does appear to be correctly shown in the navigator, including the random location jump. The handles on box in the navigator are a bit hard to grab and may be doing funky things when zoomed way in.

I’d like to see the waves shown in the navigator tracks, all it needs is enough to see where the non-silent wave data is. It doesn’t have to be very fine at all to be useful. Of course I haven’t used this on any real projects yet. The one song I’ve messed with is 8 tracks of all the same length. The reason it matters is that these are submixes and a few tracks have no data for the most part in places. It would be nice the be able to see in the navigator where those audible places are.

A little extra info for the bug-report-inclined :) : just went back through my builds collection, and this problem started in build 1827.