the other evening i was listening to Valerie by the Zutons on HEADPHONES attached to my DAB (digital) radio -


i was suprised by how much AIR PRESSURE on my ears was generated by the kick drum this track, (so much so that it muffeled the kick drum), i could feel the pressure which seemed to be coming from the kick drum, but when played on normal speakers the kick drum sounded ok, no blasts of air from the speakers or distortion that comes from audio below what the spkrs can handle correctly

so what goes on here?, has the track been tweeked by adding in a VERY low frequency signal over the kick drum - a trick often used to boost bass guitars - the tweeking seems to be designed to blast out from subwoofers, but is set so low as not to cause problems on !normal speakers` -


Hmm - never heard of a set of headphones capable of that low of a frequency response. What kind are they?

Panasonic DJ 100 -