17 beers a day keep prostate cancer away

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Theoretically, anyway, especially when taken with pizza with tomato sauce

I noticed the study said the chemical compound xanthohumol, (found in hops) and lycopene found in tomatoes, help prevent some forms of cancer by inhibiting a protein known to trigger them.

Instead of finding ways to chemically inhibit our own protiens (which I’m assuming the body needs or why would they be there)
;wouldn’t it be better to just eat a balanced diet that keeps our prostate healthy, thus reducing the risk of such things in the first place?

This is typical of Western medicin though IMHO.
There are erb combinations that have been shown to clean the prostate and colon when taken in the proper order.

De-toxifying the body through a natural process rather than leaving it poisoned and reducing a protien that will trigger the cancers caused by the build up.

No doubt the break through will have it’s uses, but nothing is a better cure than prevention.

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Beer and Pizza? Does this mean I was healthiest in college?

Quote (clark_griswold @ June 14 2006,22:23)
Beer and Pizza? Does this mean I was healthiest in college?

Provided you were eating a few pies a day (according to the study)

And this doesn’t clean the prostate or colon, or make you any less toxic or more healthy.

Only with large doses of the two compounds would your body produce less of the proteins that have been found to trigger cancers.

Those proteins are probably the bodies reponce to the toxins.
Ergo, it would be better to rid ones self of the toxins rather than the bodies reaction to them.

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jerm :cool:

I was suggesting eating a healthy, balanced diet - beer & pizze (as Clarke noted).