19 Month Hiatus


I logged in to learn that I haven’t been here since August 2012 - Holy Crap!

But if you had any idea of the twists and turns in my life in that time I think you would understand. Example: I am now living in Central Mexico - about 18 months now - so that’s part of it.

Anyway I have been writing and recording again (nTrack, of course) and I wanted to share my latest effort with you.


(I am releasing stuff under the name Axixic now but it’s still just me!)

Whaddaya think?

excellent slide work Bill,

really well put together

I bet the weather is much nicer down there right now! :agree:

jerm :cool:

Synths Rule!

(Weather has actually been a tad cold here lately - nothing like North of the Border, of course - but we get spoiled easily.)

I hope you aren’t offended if I say you got a real kenny rogers things going on there on second listen…

yeah, a tad bit cold like 50’s brrrr

-1 last night here in PA.

Nah - I’m cool with Kenny - flattered, in fact.

I flew back to Canada in November - it was 20 Celsius when I left Guadalajara and 20 Fahrenheit when I landed in Toronto. Brrrrr! Definitely reminded me why I left!

And you missed 4 posts while you were gone. :)

I sorta felt a Mac Davis vibe. Great song and good lyrics. Sounds so professional.