1980's Aria Mixing console ?

Anyone recall using an Aria 16/2 AMX160B from the eighties. I am hoping it’s a decent piece. It’s in great aesthetic and working condition. I have yet to need 16 channels, but the price is right. Any output is appreciated. Thanks, Bob

Any schematics out there of it?

Actually, I am having a tough time sourcing any information about it. My father vaguely recalls seeing one, back in the mid to late eighties. He doesn’t remember having used one. I know it’s older, but I’m just hoping someone might have used one, or maybe still using. I’ve Googled it in all sorts of ways with little luck. Thanks, Bob


I don’t know about the Aria but some of the mixers from that era are VERY good IMO. My dad has a 16 channel Electro-Voice mixer from circa 1978 that is very full featured and sounds marvelous. The mic pres and circuits on the channel strips are almost 100% discrete components. Very few IC’s in that board. I’m sure that contributes something to its sound. Its very… well… warm is the best way to describe it.

I think there are some gems out there to be had for peanuts if you know how to find 'em!

Good luck.


Thanks TG. My father had kind of the same thought with the older Boards. I may just give it a go and see what happens.
Thanks, Bob